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Our winery is located in the center of Rheinhessen - the land of the 1,000 hills - about 20 km from Mainz, Bingen and Alzey. Our family is operating viticulture in the fourth generation already. We have always attached great importance to the processing of the best quality for bottle wine production. Each variety is dedicated with great care. Thanks to yield-reducing selection and controlled fermentation in cooling tanks, we achieve a continuously increased quality of our wines. Our most recent development is our »Selection« Riesling dry.

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About us

  • Vineyard-area 20 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export
  • Ab-Hof/Vinotheque
  • gastronomy
  • wine seminars
  • Online Wine Tastings
  • Collaboration vintage
  • Sylvaner
  • PIWI’s
  • mulled wine

Contact details:

Weingut Adam
Thomas Adam
Am Weiher 18 55288 Partenheim

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Winery Adam

Logo_Weingut_Adam, © Weingut Adam

Winery Adam

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Processed vineyards

Alternativbild für Partenheimer Steinberg

Partenheimer Steinberg

A rocky search: Who knows why?

Steinberg is a popular German camp name. Stony, mountainous, the reason is obvious. Only: This does not fit at all to the Partenheimer Steinberg! Clayey loam and marl are present there - so rather a smeary soil that holds water well and gives the vines little drought stress. Also here and there limestone, but reason enough for the naming? Mountainous, on the other hand, can be let pass. Partenheim is located on a loop of the Rheinhessen Pilgrimage Trail. The community took advantage of this to create a biblical wine trail. The Himmelbergshäuschen rests idyllically on the vineyard slope, in the direction of Stadecker Warte.

> More about the Pilgrim's Paths in Rheinhessen: http://www.jakobusgesellschaft.eu/regionalgruppen/rheinhessen/
> Info about the Biblical Wine Trail: https://www.partenheim.de/index.php/tourismus/biblischer-weinpfad

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Alternativbild für Partenheimer Sankt Georgen

Partenheimer Sankt Georgen

The location was mentioned in 1419 with the name "Sant Georgen phade". In the middle of the 14th century there was a St. George's chapel there.

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