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The Bastianshauser Hof is located in the middle of the vineyards - 3 km west of Bechtheim. In the small district of Bechtheim-West, the Sebastian and Ralf Erbeldinger and their families are dedicated to the production of high-quality quality wines. The Erbeldinger famlilies live for and with the wine, following the idea "Enthusiastic wine quality is our claim - enthusiastic wine lovers our goal". On 19 hectares of vines thrive in addition to the traditional varieties Riesling, Silvaner, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc, Portugieser and Pinot Noir also Chardonnay, Dornfelder, St. Laurent and Cabernet Sauvignon. Individual customer service is at the top of the operating philosophy. A chic wine shop and a newly designed courtyard invite you to linger and taste. Numerous national and international awards underline the consistent quality management.

On the estate German and English are spoken.

© Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Erbeldinger

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Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Erbeldinger
Sebastian und Ralf Erbeldinger
West 18 67595 Bechtheim-West

Processed vineyards

Alternativbild für Bechtheimer Heiligkreuz

Bechtheimer Heiligkreuz

The location was mentioned around 1500 with the name "yn the gewanden against the heyligen Creuz". The name of the location refers to a corridor.

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Bechtheimer Hasensprung

Bechtheimer Hasensprung (Hare jump of Bechtheim)

Long ear, deep well? Definitely a large diversity of varieties

Another very popular vineyard name in the German wine countries: “Hasensprung” (Engl: hare jump). There are various interpretations: Either the name comes from the Middle High German word "spring/sprung" and means spring or well. Or the location refers to the animal hare, which was or is abundant there and stands for fertility. Various grape varieties grow on the very fertile loess soil: great Riesling, fantastic Pinots, just as well as new grape varieties.

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Bechtheimer Stein

Bechtheimer Stein (Stone of Bechtheim)

Medium gravelly, top Pinots

Another candidate, like "Sonnenberg" and "Hasensprung": "Stein" is an extremely popular vineyard name, resulting in Bechtheimer Stein. This name always refers to the nature of the soil. Yet, anyone who now thinks that the vines growing here are sitting on a hard stone rock is mistaken. The humus-rich loess and clay soil has portions of clayey silt and lime, but is not cast from stone. Instead, it is studded with smaller stones. Pinot varieties in particular appreciate this vineyard site, but other grape varieties also grow here.

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  • Discover the "Wine Festival on the Pilgrims' Path", with the "Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET" seal of quality.
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Bechtheimer Rosengarten

Bechtheimer Rosengarten (Rose Garden of Bechtheim)

Whether wild rose or rose garden – today it is a vineyard

Such a simple term, yet so many possible interpretations! It could refer to natural growth of wild roses. Those often grow in Rheinhessen and their rose hips shine in autumn. It could also have been early medieval burial grounds, a very vague interpretation. In Bechtheim, people say that the then sovereign and local lord, the Count of Leiningen, maintained a "Roßgarten” (Engl.: horse garden") there. It belonged to the farmstead in the centre of the village. The vineyard was first mentioned in documents around 1500 with the name "ym roß garten". The predominant soil types here are loess loam and limestone. The wines are rich in fruit aromas, concentrated and long-lasting on the palate.

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> Various hiking trails run through Bechtheim and its vineyards: Rheinterrassenweg, Lutherweg, Pilgerweg Ortsschleife Bechtheim and the village's own wine trail with old agricultural equipment. 

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