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Winery Siebenhof

Our philosophy is the production of high quality wines at a fair price.

In the vineyard, as well as in the wine cellar, we promote the natural processes, with the aim to win characterful wines of the highest quality and wholesomeness.

On the one hand, the pursuit of the highest quality requires the abandonment of large quantities. On the other hand, the goal of our philosophy can only be achieved by combining traditional winemaking with the latest findings and state-of-the-art equipment.

That is why we have been working in our vineyards for many years in accordance with the motto "class rather than mass" and in our cellar, following the guiding principle "to promote naturally available bouquet materials and preserve them with state-of-the-art instruments".

English speaking visitors are welcome.

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© Weingut Siebenhof

About us

  • Vineyard-area 21 hectare

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Weingut Siebenhof
Winzerfamilie Sieben GbR
Sprendlinger Straße 16 55576 Zotzenheim

Processed vineyards

Biebelsheimer Kieselberg

Biebelsheimer Kieselberg

Small pebbles, big wines in the West

Everyone has had flat pebbles bounce across the surface of the water. There is no lake in the single vineyard Biebelsheimer Kieselberg in Rheinhessen, but the Nahe growing region begins just a stone's throw away. Biebelsheim is located in the very west of Rheinhessen. The name of the site refers to the predominantly gravelly soil, which consists of loess and, especially in the higher sites, terraced gravel. Rieslings and Pinot Noirs grow here, as well as other grape varieties. The Wingertsschaukel Biebelsheim invites you to throw your legs in the air.

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Gensinger Goldberg

Gensinger Goldberg

Treasure? Value? Appreciation for Riesling and Chardonnay

The naming of a field with this name rarely refers to the precious metal gold, but is rather an expression of general appreciation. This is also the case here, in Gensingen. Sand, clay and heavy lime marl characterise this site. There is a calm and warm microclimate, due to the wind shadow at the foot of the Kieselberg. Perfect for Chardonnay and Riesling.

> Compare other lagennames with gold, like: Gau-Algesheimer Goldberg or Armsheimer Goldstückchen.


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Alternativbild für Pfaffen-Schwabenheimer Mandelbaum

Pfaffen-Schwabenheimer Mandelbaum

The layer name probably owes its name to a solitary almond tree.

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Alternativbild für Sprendlinger Hölle

Sprendlinger Hölle

The location was mentioned in 1592 with the name "im Helweg". Hell means a slight slope. In West Central Germany, this hall designation is very common.

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