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Ritzheim winery

With two motivated young winemakers, the next generation is well catered for.

We are the Ritzheim winery. These include Albert and Ute Ritzheim, who are currently running the winery, and Christian and Carsten Ritzheim, who want to take over the winery in the future. Viticulture has been in our family since 1865 and we want to uphold this tradition. With a wide range of Pinot, Riesling and Portugieser wines, we have many delicious wines in our portfolio. Christian and Carsten bring their own ideas to the company. For example, they gave the rather unknown grape variety Goldmuskateller a chance and planted it in 2017. Wine lovers can now get excited about the floral and crisp taste of this grape variety. But that won't be their last idea. At the moment, the two are making sure that the next vintage will be ust as inspiring as the past ones. And that means one thing above all: spending time in the vineyard. Because quality comes from the vineyard.

English spaking visitors are welcome. 

carsten-and-christian-ritzheim, © Weingut Ritzheim
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About us

  • Winemaker Christian und Carsten Ritzheim
  • Vineyard-area 10 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine

Contact details:

Weingut Ritzheim
Christian Ritzheim
Dolgesheimer Straße 16 55278 Uelversheim

Processed vineyards

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This location is an old table good. The table goods were intended for the maintenance of the noble landlord.

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The name of the location refers to a boulder (menhir) that separates the Alemannic from the Franconian tribal area.
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Dienheimer Tafelstein

Dienheimer Tafelstein

Military horsemen, noble tables and fertile soils

In the Middle Ages, noble families received tributes from their people: pigs, cheese or wine. The so-called "Tafelgüter". It is assumed that the camp name "Tafelstein" refers to this. The vines between Dienheim and Ludwigshöhe grow on deep loess, loam and lime marl. Ideal for Riesling, Pinot Noir and other varieties. The soils are fertile with good water storage capacity. The "Siliusbrunnen" (Silius Well) located there refers to the horseman Silius, who served in a Roman cavalry regiment and was buried in the Rhine terraces.

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