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Winery Clemens

Passion is a top priority at the Clemens winery. This has already been transferred to the younger generation, because the success of their parents Elmar and Petra in national and international competitions makes the three girls very proud. The first own wines have already been filled by Ronja and Selina and rewarded with high own awards. After their training, the two then climb into the amily businss, that has been existing since 1945. New ideas for improving quality and for marketing measures are already being tackled - this is never boring with the Clemens family. Working together is not only fun for everyone, it also brings all family members together even closer. The stone is rolling ... and will not be stopped.

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About us

  • Vineyard-area 11.5 hectare
  • Selection Rheinhessen

Contact details:

Weingut Clemens
Petra und Elmar Clemens
Steiggasse 2a 55286 Sulzheim

Processed vineyards

Sulzheimer Schildberg

Sulzheimer Schildberg (Shield mountain of Sulzberg)

Paint for the tower, concrete for the vineyard house

No, nobody is up to anything here (German: etwas im Schilde führen). The name is based on the shield-shaped, humpbacked elevation. The local community of Sulzheim is surrounded by the vines of the single vineyard. A variety of vines grow on clay marl and limestone. The Schildberg tower was built by the community in 2010 and painted according to designs by the colour designer Professor von Garnier. The motto is: "When the flag flies on the Schildberg, there is always good wine there". Another highlight is the ultra-modern concrete vineyard house Perka, an experimental and research building of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Two rest areas with a panorama and table of wine delight hikers.

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