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The Ginz winery, founded in 1856, looks back on a long history in viticulture and has always been family-owned. Recently, Friedrich Ginz handed over the winery to Erwin and Petra Ginz, who are managing it today together with their daughter Nicole. In the company traditional experience and modern technology of today are combined to produce exquisite qualities.
The philosophy of the Ginz family is to cultivate the vineyards in harmony with nature: soil type and location dictate which grape variety is cultivated. The vine must feel well, so that the supply of the vine and the longevity of the plant are guaranteed.
The growing areas are located in Ebersheim, Gau-Bischofsheim and Bodenheim. Together, more than 7 hectares of vineyards are cultivated.

On the estate English and German is spoken.

© Weingut Erwin Ginz
© Weingut Erwin Ginz
© Weingut Erwin Ginz

About us

  • Vineyard-area 7 hectare
  • sparkling wine

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Weingut Erwin Ginz
Erwin Ginz
Töngesstraße 18 55129 Mainz-Ebersheim

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