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In the heart of Rheinhessen, we produce high-quality grapes year after year in harmony with nature. Because only from an excellent harvest good wines are produced. This uncompromising quality makes our wines unmistakable. Young, fresh white wines and strong red wines with structure. See for yourself! Gladly also with a visit in our Straußwirtschaft, in the Rheinhessen way of life where good food invites to linger.

On the estate English and German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Sebastian und Paul Geil
  • Vineyard-area 20 hectare
  • specialist trade

Contact details:

Weingut Geil
Sebastian und Paul Geil
Am Römer 22-24 55234 Monzernheim

Processed vineyards

Westhofener Steingrube

Westhofener Steingrube

Once a quarry, today a vineyard

The single vineyard "Steingrube" begins directly at the village. It is characterised by limestone rocks with a thin layer of sandy loam. The site was first mentioned in a document in 1295 with the name "dicto stheingrube". The name of the vineyard refers to a quarry, which can still be easily traced today. Mineral Rieslings, but also Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc grow here.

> Regional history of Westhofen: 
> The quarry is no longer recognizable. But in Gundersheim, a neighboring village of Westhofen, the former quarry "Rosengarten" offers beautiful walks. Please be sure to follow the rules, nature reserve! 
> To the other individual sites of Westhofen: Aulerde, Brunnenhäuschen, Kirchspiel and Morstein

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Westhofener Morstein

Westhofener Morstein

World famous and rich in stone

A bog (German: Moor) in Rheinhessen? Certainly not. The site was first mentioned in a document in 1282 with the name "in loco marstein" in a deed of donation to the Cistercian monastery of Otterberg (Pfalz) and can be interpreted as a "marker stone". In other words, it is a boundary stone or a landmark. It is indeed stony here: one stone found during clearing weighed up to 3.2 tons. In the upper soil layer, there are clay marl soils with limestone inclusions, and massive limestone rock underneath. Mineral Rieslings and Pinot Noirs bring world fame to the Westhofen winemakers. There are also plenty of vineyard cottages here, like the “Wingertshäusje Kommandozentrale".

> From Wingertshäuschen to Wingertshäuschen:
> To the other single vineyard sites of Westhofen: Aulerde, Brunnenhäuschen, Kirchspiel and Steingrube

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