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Winery Janz

Wine is bottled poetry. According to this philosophy, in the Janz winery, located outside of Mainz-Ebersheim, wines have been grown for five generations and they all have stories to tell.
The new and the creative are mixed together with the tried and tested resulting in unique and individual wines.

The vineyard extends over the sunny locations around Ebersheim, Zornheim and Lörzweiler and give the wines their own unique touch through their different terroir and the different slopes.

Since 2015, the operation of Helmut Janz and daughter Fabienne, who is still studying in Geisenheim, has jointly been managed.

On the estate only German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Helmut und Fabienne Janz
  • Vineyard-area 10 hectare

Contact details:

Weingut Janz
Helmut und Fabienne Janz
Nieder-Olmer Straße 85 55129 Mainz-Ebersheim

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