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Winery Reinhart u. David Knierim GbR

In southern Rheinhessen, near the Nibelung city of Worms, lies our homeland Osthofen.

We are a true family business, so we never get bored. We know that the production of authentic wines requires a lot of manual work - from pruning to the vinification in the cellar and to marketing. It is precisely because of this diversity that we love our profession.

But back to the vineyard or Wingert, as we say. There we pay attention to an integrated, environmentally friendly management. The result is healthy, fully ripe grapes with lots of natural ingredients. At home in the winery, the grapes are processed as gently as possible.

"Less is more" - that is our motto in the development of the wines and thus preserve typical varietal aromas and freshness.

By the way: A very nice opportunity to get to know our winery is our annual "stop by the winemaker".

English speaking visitors are welcome.

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wine stand
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About us

  • Winemaker David Knierim
  • Vineyard-area 15 hectare
  • sparkling wine

Contact details:

Weingut Knierim
David und Reinart Knierim
Carlo-Mierendorff-Straße 20 67574 Osthofen

Processed vineyards

Westhofener Steingrube

Westhofener Steingrube

Once a quarry, today a vineyard

The single vineyard "Steingrube" begins directly at the village. It is characterised by limestone rocks with a thin layer of sandy loam. The site was first mentioned in a document in 1295 with the name "dicto stheingrube". The name of the vineyard refers to a quarry, which can still be easily traced today. Mineral Rieslings, but also Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc grow here.

> Regional history of Westhofen: 
> The quarry is no longer recognizable. But in Gundersheim, a neighboring village of Westhofen, the former quarry "Rosengarten" offers beautiful walks. Please be sure to follow the rules, nature reserve! 
> To the other individual sites of Westhofen: Aulerde, Brunnenhäuschen, Kirchspiel and Morstein

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The location was mentioned in 1464 and 1560 with the name "uff the goltberg". The designation of a hallway with this name rarely indicates the precious metal, but rather is an expression of general appreciation.
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