Gutenberg Monument

Man of the Millennium. World changer. Biggest son of the city Mainz

Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg is known as the son of the city of Mainz and inventor of printing with movable type. Through this revolutionary invention, knowledge could be disseminated, which until today is regarded as a milestone in the media industry. In Mainz you can discover many memorials of Gutenberg such as :. the Gutenberg Monument on Gutenbergplatz and the world-famous Gutenberg Museum, where the historic printing press and the original Bible can still be viewed today.

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  Experience the history of printing, books and type-setting. One of the oldest book and print museums is located right at the heart of Mainz just across from the cathedral. Founded in 1900 by a group of citizens from Mainz, the Gutenberg Museum is dedicated to Johannes Gutenberg, the man behind one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Among the biggest treasures of the collection are two original Gutenberg Bibles printed around 1450. Another highlight is the recreated workshop of Gutenberg were skilled...

Printshop Gutenberg-Museum

  The print shop sees itself as a practice-oriented place for anyone with a specialist and lay area. It is an authentic place with original typesetting cabinets, lead pencils and wooden placards. The toggle and gravure presses from the second half of the 19th century emphasize the museum's reference, but are also ready for use. A table-pull and two hand-pull presses complete the current range of hand presses. As a museum educational workshop, the »Druckladen« offers interested groups as well as individuals...

Gutenberg Monument

  An over-life-size bronze statue of Johannes Gutenberg adorns the square that bears his name. The statue is based on a model by the Danish sculptor Berthel Thorvaldsen. Fully restored in 2010, the monument depicts the famous inventor of movable type. As we do not have a contemporary portrait of Gutenberg, the statue is of an idealised scholar of his time – bearded, well dressed and carrying a bible and a printing plate. When the monument was first unveiled in 1837, the people of Mainz celebrated for three full days. Even...


  Gutenbergplatz is named after Johannes Gutenberg, probably the most famous son of Mainz. From a building historic, sociological and city planning point of view, it is the most important square of the city and recognised as a heritage site.  

Anniversary year for the 550th anniversary of Johannes Gutenberg's death

Gutenberg 2018

Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized media and cultural history with the invention of movable-type letterpress printing. In the anniversary year, Mainz celebrates its greatest son with guided tours, exhibitions, conferences, courses and much more

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