Heidenturm church in Dittelsheim-Hessloch, © Robert Dieth© Robert Dieth

Orient in Rheinhessen

Heidenturmkirchen in Rheinhessen

Heidenturmkirchen are a real rarity in Germany, lucky that four of them are in Rheinhessen. Characteristic of the churches are, as the name implies, their towers, which have something oriental about them. From the outside, the churches are definitely an eye-catcher, but worth a visit to the interior. The lavish decorations and decorations are as much a highlight as the rare towers. In addition, the churches are all in close proximity to each other, so you can all visit on a day trip.

Evangelische Kirche St. Bonifatius


St. Boniface Heidenturm Church

The Protestant church of St. Boniface is located directly on the Luther Trail between Worms and Nierstein. It is the smallest of the 4 Heidenturm churches in Rheinhessen. Hidden under old trees, it is reached through a wrought-iron gate and you enter a magical place of silence and reflection. The adjacent old cemetery, with half-sunken crosses and overgrown gravestones, is like visiting an enchanted world. An almost mystical place. The church and the cemetery are freely accessible, and a tour of the interior is possible by arrangement with…

Kirche und Kloster St. Paulaus von außen


Kirche St. Paulus. Dominikanerkloster und Heidenturmkirche

The monastery and convent of St. Paulus, built from 1002 onwards, is located in the centre of Worms and is a place of peace and quiet in this lively city. The collegiate church was originally built as a three-nave Romanesque pillar basilica, and the stone dome helmets of the two pagan towers give the church its special appearance. Unlike other collegiate churches, the choir is closed on five sides in good late Romanesque forms. The west building has an octagonal dome (13th century) and is flanked by two older stone-covered round towers…

evkirche-Gunter Blum-heidenturm-keyvisual


Heidenturmkirche Guntersblum

The two towered western facade of the pagan tower church in Guntersblum is really impressive. It's freestanding and has a generous forecourt so the whole building is a testimony of a confident village which got to have prosperity through the trade of wine. The northern tower comes from the time of the first crusade and because of the examination of the wooden beams of the church it's safe to say that the trees that it's made of were cut down in the early summer of 1101. The southern tower was rebuilt in 1842 on the same position where it…

heidenturm Church dittelsheim2-c-media-k-Karin DRDA kuehn © Karin Drda-Kühn


Heidenturmkirche Dittelsheim-Heßloch

Not to be overlooked is the Evangelical Church Dittelsheim-Hessloch, located in Dittelsheim on the main road and closely integrated into the village development. The "Heidenturm" determines the streetscape and can be seen from afar; It is considered the most beautiful tower of the four pagan churches and is dated between the years 1200 and 1250. The baroque church building was rebuilt in 1730. From the churchyard around the church is still the old gatehouse with the pointed archway of stately blocks, which welcomes visitors and of course…

In the footsteps of the Orient

Visiting the Heidenturmkirchen

We visited the four Rheinhessen Heidurm churches for you and came across some exciting stories. Learn about the various theories of evolution of the towers in our blog and take a look inside the churches with us.

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