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The crowdfunding competition is over

IdeenReich Rheinhessen makes project dreams come true

The crowdfunding competition Rheinhessen ends with successful projects, lucky winners, many experiences and network ideas. More than 1,100 supporters have raised a total of € 80,000 and make seven out of ten project dreams come true.

The first tourist crowdfunding competition in Rhineland-Palatinate has been completed. Since April 17, the financing phase has ended. Seven out of a total of ten projects have achieved or even exceeded their funding target.

The old signal box in Armsheim reached the project sum shortly before the end of the competition in an exciting finish. Also fully financed are the Ingelheim Crime Walk 2.0 and the Kulturaktion Mo / ve / ment. At the end of the day, these three candidates had activated the most supporters and additionally received prize money from the regional savings banks. Although without additional prize money, but with many supporters, the project of the Liesel Metten special school, "the mysterious library", could also successfully end the competition. Although the Touristic Information Mobile TIMO in Nieder-Olm had fewer supporters compared to these projects, they were all the more active and provided a total of 135% of the targeted sum. Similarly successful is the live mixed media musical to Hildegard von Bingen. The smallest wine truck in the world has presumably also animated many donors thanks to a nice application video and will soon be on the road in the vineyards around Nierstein.

After completion of the financing phase, a total of over € 80,000 is available for all ten participating projects. However, according to the principles of crowdfunding, the money will only be paid to those projects that have achieved their financial goals. That's more than 76,000.00 €, which are applied by 1173 supporters.

Burkhard Müller, Chairman of Rheinhessen-Touristik, is very pleased with this success: "I am very pleased about this successful, innovative process of Rheinhessen tourism, which has shown that crowdfunding is a modern form of direct citizen participation. And crowdfunding and tourism go well together. With the contest Rheinhessen-Touristik has fulfilled many tasks in one go. Qualification of service providers, networking and product development are becoming increasingly important in tourism development. Ideas were informed about creative, tourism product development and alternative forms of financing and supported in the market development. With such innovative projects, Rheinhessen continues to profile itself as a dynamic and innovative tourist region. "

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