29.01.2016 Cooperation in foreign marketing

Mainz and Rheinhessen continue to campaign for Dutch guests

The Netherlands are at 2.7. Million overnight stays is the most important foreign market for Rhineland-Palatinate and, from the perspective of the Dutch, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate is by far the most popular destination in Germany.

In 2012, mainzplus CITYMARKETING and Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH decided to present themselves as a versatile destination on the Dutch market with joint measures in order to use the existing potential gradually for Rheinhessen as well. The first cooperation agreement was concluded with the partners Rheinhessen-Touristik, mainzplus CITYMARKETING (with the Mainz Tourismus section), the Mainz hotel advertising community and the Great Wine Capitals network for the years 2013 to 2015.

For the first time, the bundling of financial resources allowed for a coordinated action plan that would have a lasting effect. The topics - culture in Mainz, hiking and cycling in Rheinhessen and enjoying wine with membership in the Great Wine Capitals network - were also clearly defined.

Christopher Sitte, Chairman of Mainzplus CITYMARKETING GmbH and Chief Economist of the city of Mainz, welcomes the cooperation project with Rheinhessen-Touristik: "Since 2008, the city of Mainz and Rheinhessen have been working very successfully together in the Great Wine Capitals network - an alliance of the most important winegrowing regions worldwide. The current joint project between the two tourism organizations is an important step for networking within the region and for increasing the number of overnight stays. "

This cooperation is now to be continued with a new action and financing plan. In the next two years, the tourist information Bingen, Alzeyer Land, Oppenheim and Nierstein will bring in financial and content.

"I am personally very pleased about the involvement of further shareholders of Rheinhessen-Touristik! This shows that the region is increasingly pulling together and that we are working in partnership with coordinated topics and markets, "said Burkhard Müller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH.

The focus of the strategy is on the measures that are implemented directly in the target area. The presence at various trade fairs such as the "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" (bicycle and hiking fair) in Amsterdam and at the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht has already shown in recent years that the topics of hiking and cycling combined with wine enjoyment are of interest to the Dutch. Individual press trips led to a gratifying reporting and further press response to our cycling and hiking offers in Dutch daily newspapers, magazines and online portals. Advertisements, newsletter contributions and promotions with the German National Tourist Board complemented the Dutch market in the last three years in addition to the Dutch website and a Dutch information brochure.

Karina Krauss, Head of Tourism at mainzplus CITYMARKETING, adds: "The Netherlands are the most important foreign source market for Rhineland-Palatinate. Thanks to our cooperation, we have already achieved a slight increase in our guests. But there is still a great potential for development that needs to be exploited together with the players in Mainz and Rheinhessen. Thanks also to the support of the Mainz hotel advertising community and the Great Wine Capital network, we have been able to continue implementing the project. "

Christian Halbig, managing director of Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH, is very satisfied with the development so far: "The number of guests and overnight stays in the Netherlands is still on an upraised level, but is steadily increasing in Mainz and Rheinhessen. Thus, over the period of market development, a gain of approx. 14.8% and an overnight stay increase of approx. 14.6% in Rheinhessen. "

To keep it that way, especially the press work of recent years will be intensified. It is important to serve the once-awakened interest again and again. After all, the Netherlands is the largest foreign source market for Rhineland-Palatinate - the potential is there!