Schwellkoeppe on Mainz carnival, © Photo Farmer© Photo Farmer

A threefold thundering Helau

Carnival in Mainz

The Mainz Carnival is one of the largest and most traditional events in the city. It is also described as the fifth season. The first Rose Monday parade took place in 1838 and today, 180 years later, it still has great significance for the Mainzers. In addition to Cologne and Dusseldorf, Mainz is one of the strongholds of the Rhineland Carnival. The importance of the carnival is also reflected in the cityscape, for example, by sculptures but also the Fastnachstbrunnen, which is located on the Schillerplatz. For carnival enthusiasts, there is also the year-round open Carnival Museum, which can be found since 2004 in Mainz.


  The Fastnachtsbrunnen or "Carnival Fountain" is nearly nine metres high. It was completed in 1967 and features more than 200 bronze figures depicting the spirit and myth of carnival in Mainz, with characters like Till Eulenspiegel, Father Rhine and Hanswurst. And there are of course the famous "Weck, Worscht und Woi" beloved by the people of Mainz. The fountain is located on Schillerplatz near the crossroads of Schillerstrasse and Ludwigstrasse. From the balcony of Osteiner Hof overlooking the square, the great and good of Mainz...

Carnival Museum

  The exhibits in the Carnival Museum document the history of carnival in Mainz from its inception in 1837. Carnival in its current form is the brainchild of the political and literary "Vormärz" movement when there was no freedom of the press. Documents, photographs and films from private collections and carnival associations provide a chronological overview of the carnival traditions from its early days to the 21th century. Highlights of former carnivals are played on large TV screens, to the delight of many local visitors who...

A threefold thundering Helau

Best of Mainz remains Mainz

Experience the cult event "Mainz remains Mainz" up close and let yourself be carried away by its best moments.

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