Master Plan Network Culture, © Rheinhessen wine e. V. Robert Dieth,© Rheinhessen wine e. V. Robert Dieth,

The anniversary year "200 years of Rheinhessen" in 2016 has indicated the potential of regional culture to be activated when networks are closed and coordinated and marketed full-time. This applies to the rich historical heritage of the region as well as to the diverse cultural offerings, which are often carried out on a voluntary basis. Especially for the rural area of Rheinhessen, there is a huge untapped potential for networking and coordination, for sharing and joint marketing.

In order to network, strengthen and support the cultural offers and activities as well as the local actors of the cultural area in Rheinhessen, as well as to establish them in the long term, a master plan Network Culture will be developed, which will show in concrete, tailor - made proposals, how the region will develop in Future cultural policy.

An important goal is the development of a structural proposal for a future full-time management, which is closely coordinated with the responsible political decision-makers. Tasks such as looking after and advising regional networks in the field of culture,
Building new networks, public relations, development of
Projects, cooperations with volunteering, fundraising and regional
Cultural development work could be recreated by this
Structure element then be adopted.

Contents and goals:

  • Development of a structural proposal for future full-time management.
  • Development of proposals and measures such as involving the city-state cooperation, the experience quality of the region for all relevant target groups can be increased.
  • Development of a coordinated marketing concept of culture and tourism. Here a close coordination with the tourist actors and the objectives of the new tourism strategy Rheinhessen is to take place.

Facts at a glance
Carrier: Kreisvolkshochschule Mainz-Bingen e. V.
Contact Person: Monica Nickels
LAG decision of: 20/11/2018
Air flow: 37.485 € EAFRD resources
12,495 € state funds
Implementation period: 2019-2020

Contact details:

Contact details: