Müller-Thurgau, © DWI© DWI

Like a watercolor


Müller-Thurgau is popular: Everyone loves Müller! And Müller can not only be found in the supermarket, but also as "Alte Reben" (old vines) in a specialized wine shop.

For winemakers Müller-Thurgau cultivation is rather uncomplicate. It has ahigh and stable yield. The vine loves soils rich of nutrients and cool layers. The climate requirements are low.
The wine is determined by a fine fragrance. Müller-Thurgau again and again shows aromas of green apple, lemon, nutmeg or green pepper. Good vintages smell of lime and mint, they show flavors of passion fruit and mango or blackcurrant.
Tasting Müller-Thurgau is like looking at a watercolor. Usually it is an enchanting and delicate wine, that is best enjoyed young. A wine, suitable for tender and aromatic or spicy hearty meals. At the moment, Müller-Thurgau is experiencing a revival as base wine for joyful and spritzy seccos.
Müller-Thurgau owes its name to a Professor Müller from the Swiss canton of Thurgau. He bred a successful new grape variety in the research institute Geisenheim. He managed the coup by crossing Riesling and Madeleine royale. The variety was further developed in the Swiss research institute Wädenswil and named after its breeder in 1913. With an area of 4.004 hectares and a 15 percent share of the Rheinhessen vineyards, Müller-Thurgau still is of great importance in the area and ranks second in the most grown grape varieties.