RheinTerrassenWeg-stage Worms - Osthofen

Worms Cathedral, Luther monument and Jewish history. Worth a few hours in Worms, before it goes on this RheinTerrassenWeg stage through the vineyard to Osthofen.

The access to the RheinTerrassenWeg starts at Wormser Bahnhof. He follows the river Pfrimm, like a green band through Worms. On an old railway line you reach the beginning of the RheinTerrassenWeges at the imposing castle of Herrnsheim. Its English-style castle park is an exciting counterpoint to the almost endless appearing vineyards that characterize the path around the Abenheim Sculpture Trail to Osthofen with its mountain church and the historic Weinbergshäuschen.


Distance character


Degree of difficulty

2 of 5

Recommended equipment

Hiking clothes, backpack food with enough water, headgear, sunscreen

Route guidance

In Worms, where not only the impressive cathedral but also the Jewish cemetery "Heiliger Sand" beckons for a tour, the access road to the RheinTerrassenWeg begins at the west exit of the station. By the Von-Steuben street you reach the Pfrimm, where you turn right. Always along the winding water, it goes to Gaustraße. Now you can walk directly on the water through the green, until a jetty leads to the other shore. Through a quiet residential area you can reach the old railway line, whose straight course you follow now to the edge of Herrnsheim. Quickly you get through the village to the impressive castle, where after 4.6 km on the actual Rhine Terraced path begins.

To kick off the main path brings a dreamy walk through the beautiful park, the largest English landscape park in Rhineland-Palatinate. Then the route leads through open corridor, sometimes grapevines, sometimes fields line the way. After crossing the L 425 the environment is characterized by vineyards. With some dodges you approach Abenheim and the widely visible Michaelskapelle, which is tethered by road.

The RheinTerrassenWeg leads in the further course through the vast vineyards and soon the striking mountain church of Osthofen is to make out. After a short hollow passage you climb up to the cemetery and meet on the outskirts of Osthofen on the beautiful mountain church. From there you descend to the center and on to the train station. If you want, you can take a detour to the concentration camp memorial from there.


The RheinTerrassenWeg runs between Worms and Osthofen almost exclusively on comfortable running roads, which are often paved or paved. Some nature trails can be a bit muddy when wet. From Herrnsheim the path offers little protection against sun, rain or wind. On the way, there is a rest stop in Herrnsheim.








By car: From the B9 to L532, turn left into Pfauentorstraße / B47, continue on Willy-Brandt-Ring, in the roundabout third exit (Andreasstraße), turn right on Rathenaustraße, in the roundabout third exit (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße), At the roundabout take the first exit (Gutenbergstraße) to the parking garage

Public Transport: Train connections in Worms and Osthofen


Parking garage at the central station, Von-Steuben-Straße 8, 67547 Worms


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City of Worms
Tourist Information Worms
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Internet: www.worms.de/en/service/impressum.php

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