Altez Group, Tielt (Belgium)

"For more than 40 years the company Altez has been striving for the efficient use of resources, from skilled workers to managing directors. Winning the Sustainability Award honors decades of effort. The company Altez feels confirmed in its corporate policy and strengthened. Thus, from today's point of view, economic interests can no longer be coupled by ecologically sustainable action. Sustainability begins in the early planning phase. It does not end with the construction of the building, but covers the long-term use of the building. "

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Frank Daßen & Dr. med. M.Chouihi (Team Weinlagerhallenbau Germany)

Richard Wagner GmbH, Alzey

The company Richard Wagner in Alzey has participated from the beginning in the competition for the prize for sustainability. Confidence, reliability and responsibility characterize the value structure of the medium-sized cellarware retailer in Alzey. That motivates CEO Jürgen Wagner to face up to the competition every year. "The repeated awarding of the Sustainability Award confirms that, with the customer-oriented further development of products and innovative offers in the competition, we are well ahead and at the same time very close to the needs of our customers. We use the award actively in communication and are very proud of it. "

Achim Zaun (Management of Richard Wagner GmbH, Alzey)