Gutenberg Bible in the Gutenberg Museum, © City of Mainz© City of Mainz
Landesmuseum Mainz, Museum Night, © City of Mainz© City of Mainz

The five most exciting museums in Rheinhessen

Museum tips

Rheinhessen offers a diverse museum landscape. Especially in the cities of Mainz, Worms Ingelheim and Bingen, there are a variety of exciting exhibition venues. We have put together for you our top five museums, which should definitely be on your list when visiting Rheinhessen.

Gutenberg Museum


Gutenberg-Museum Mainz

Experience the history of printing, books, and type-setting. One of the oldest book and print museums is located right at the heart of Mainz, just across from the cathedral. Founded in 1900 by a group of citizens from Mainz, the Gutenberg Museum is dedicated to Johannes Gutenberg, the man behind one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Among the biggest treasures of the collection are two original Gutenberg Bibles printed around 1450. Another highlight is the recreated workshop of Gutenberg where skilled printers…

Mainz State Museum


Mainz State Museum

The Mainz State Museum located at the centre of the city at Grosse Bleiche is one of the oldest museums in Germany.  The Baroque building, known as the Golden-Ross-Kaserne, and the contemporary steel and glass wing opening towards the courtyard, together with the electoral stables, form the charming heart of the recently restored and modernised museum. The museum's collection of works of art and artefacts covers all periods from the prehistoric era to the 21st century. The main collections are: Prehistory, Roman empire, Middle Ages,…



The Historical Museum on the River

With the Hildegard jubilee in 1998, the Historical Museum on the River - Hildegard von Bingen, the former electricity generating station on the bank of the Rhine River, opened its doors. There is a large department dedicated to Hildegard, the universal scholar and theologist. The museum offers something very special: a complete set of surgical instruments from the Roman days, discovered during renovation work in Bingen. A further department focuses on the Rhine Romantic epoch. In a unique way, the 200-year epoch is illustrated using, among…

Museum bei der Kaiserpfalz Säulengang

Ingelheim am Rhein

Museum near the Kaiserpfalz

A large exhibition room is dedicated to Charlemagne's imperial palace, which also houses the imperial palace visitor centre with three computer terminals. The most spectacular find from the Imperial Palace in Ingelheim to date, the solidus or gold coin of Charlemagne, is also on display here. The external monuments of the imperial palace are in the immediate vicinity, as the museum is located in the entrance area of the important monument. In addition, the permanent exhibition provides information about prehistory and early history, Roman…