Stilisierte Karte von Rheinhessen

Bechtolsheimer Homberg

The location was mentioned in 1501 with the name "uff the homberge" documentary. The name of the location was created by the contraction and alignment of "high mountain" and means "high mountain".

facts and figures

Vineyard: 62 hectare Community: Sea level: 160-245 m Exposure: Turning East to the North

soil types

Marl / pelosol

Clay marl pelosol

Lime-rich clayey deposits of the teritary sea

Deep, calcareous clay soil with a high proportion of swellable clay, lower storage capacity for soil water available to plants, limited water permeability and ventilation, nutrient-rich, very calcareous, moderate warmability, difficult to root through

Full-bodied, dense, rich, moderate acidity, creamy enamel. Expressive, ripe, mango, apricot, honeydew melon, apricot. Less minerality, more fruity, full-bodied sustainability

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Loess / Pararendzina

Loess Pararedzina

Wind deposition of calcareous dust in the ice ages

fertile, deep, light loam soil, clayey silt, very good storage capacity for plant-available soil water, adequate aeration, nutrient-rich, calcareous, moderate warmability, good rootability, high growth potential

Yellow-fruity aromas, apple, peach, pear, citrus, delicately fruity, slim, refreshing, gentle acidity, medium-strong structure, juicy elegant, drinkable early, tasty charm, uncomplicated complexity, fruity, cheerful expression

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Hiking tours

Kulturweg Petersberg

The 7 km circular walk around the Petersberg lies between Bechtolsheim and Gau-Odernheim. The Petersberg belongs with 246 m to the highest elevations of Rheinhessen. At its summit is the ruins of the 10th-century St. Peter's Church with the once three-nave basilica on the "Mons beati petri", which was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War until then because of its special crypt But the underground crypt of St. Peter's can still be relived as an impression of space: two replicated staircases illustrate the processional character of the historic crypt, and since 2009 an alternative route to the St. Jacob's Way in Rheinhessen Over the Petersberg, two relaxation loungers and the wine tables invite hikers on this route for a break.

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