wine vinegar

Fine vinegar from the winemaker's wines

Wine vinegar

According to the simple quality rule "The better the wine, the better the vinegar" we produce pure wine vinegar, based on the fruity Riesling wines from the Rheinhessen hills.

This wine vinegar cannot really be compared to the usual household vinegar. It is a fine product for connoisseurs who use it to refine salads, sauces, pies, marinades or seafood.

The range of uses is considerable: In the salad wine vinegar closes the aroma of lettuce leaves and herbs. With vegetables it preserves the freshness of the color and the contained vitamins; It activates the fiber and makes it more digestible. Meat becomes more tender and adapts a spicy-spicy taste. It keeps fish fresh longer and enhances its own taste.

The fine wine vinegar from Rheinhessen is made from fruity Riesling wines and fermented in Rheinhessen. The process is laborious, because it depends on the right fermentation temperature as well as on the exact amount of oxygen, and both must be matched with the alcohol and the acid so that the bacteria develop their optimal activity.