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Winery Gunter and Ute Weinmann GbR

Gunter Weinmann and his wife Ute have been managing the winery since 2007. From her parental winery, we get the Pfalz grapes, which are vinified in Wörrstadt. We are supported by our families and by Thomas Kleinfelder as a salesman, winemaker and office worker.
The vineyards are in two wine growing areas: Rheinhessen and Pfalz. This gives us a variety of different soils and climatic conditions.
We distinguish our wines in "weekday" and "Sunday wines".
The "weekday wines" are uncomplicated companions in everyday life. For us they reflect "drinking fun" in the glass again, moderate alcohol content and balanced acidity. The wine is good for drinking a little more.
We place high demands on our "Sunday wines". In the vineyard, many efforts are made to harvest the highest quality grapes. Through spontaneous fermentation, the use of small wooden barrels, we bring the character of the wines to light and give them longevity.

On the estate German and English is spoken.

Weinmann_Portraet, © Weingut Gunter und Ute Weinmann
Weinmann_alleI, © Weingut Gunter und Ute Weinmann
© Weingut Gunter und Ute Weinmann
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Weingut Gunter und Ute Weinmann
Ute Weinmann
Rommersheimer Straße 105 55286 Wörrstadt

Processed vineyards

Sulzheimer Schildberg

Sulzheimer Schildberg (Shield mountain of Sulzberg)

Paint for the tower, concrete for the vineyard house

No, nobody is up to anything here (German: etwas im Schilde führen). The name is based on the shield-shaped, humpbacked elevation. The local community of Sulzheim is surrounded by the vines of the single vineyard. A variety of vines grow on clay marl and limestone. The Schildberg tower was built by the community in 2010 and painted according to designs by the colour designer Professor von Garnier. The motto is: "When the flag flies on the Schildberg, there is always good wine there". Another highlight is the ultra-modern concrete vineyard house Perka, an experimental and research building of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Two rest areas with a panorama and table of wine delight hikers.

> Info about the Schildberg tower: https://www.rheinhessen.de/a-schildbergturm
> Info about the concrete building Perka https://www.rheinhessen.de/a-weinberghaus-perka 
> The pilgrimage route of St. James in Rheinhessen passes Sulzheim: https://www.woerrstaedterland.de/rheinhessischer-jakobsweg 
> Perka in the Rheinhessen blog: https://blog.rheinhessen.de/10-schoensten-aussichten-wanderwegen-rheinhessen/
> Hiking on the Hiwweltour Neuborn: https://www.rheinhessen.de/hiwweltour-neuborn

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Alternativbild für

The layer designation is based on a freestanding shrine in the field.
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Saulheimer Hölle

Saulheimer Hölle

Limestone hell: Sun-kissed vines, cool limestone aromas  

Yes, the vineyard is south-facing and sun-drenched. However, the name does not mean that it is a  sinking hot hell. "Hell" rather refers to a gentle slope. The site was mentioned in documents in the mid-15th century with the name "uff helden" and at the end of the 17th century with the name "zu höllen". Clay marl and fertile loess are found here as a base. The subsoil is limestone, which is predestined for top Rieslings and Pinot Noirs. As early as 1963, the Saulheimer Ortschronik wrote: "The Nieder-Saulheimer wine is powerful, of exceptional quality and purity. The top wines from the Zu Höllen, Probstey, Hauben and Norenberg vineyards deserve special mention."

> Hiking, cycling tours, history, tourism etc. of Saulheim: https://www.saulheim.de/kultur-tourismus/ 

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