Bringe die Minigolfschläger zum Glühen
Bringe die Minigolfschläger zum Glühen

Mini-Golf Unlike Any Other

The first 3-D blacklight mini-golf in the Rhine-Main Region. 18 individual mini-golf scenarios offering a wide range of challenges to master.

Graffiti goes blacklight

Special UV-colors pop out and will blow your mind. (Turn your flash off when taking photos!)

3-D glasses make it even cooler

Your golf ball will hover above the obstacles and the walls will take on a life of their own.

Best graffiti - Made by international artist Costwo.

Indoor = always doable

Who cares about the weather when you can have this much fun inside? Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Central location in the old town = ideal way to start a night out

Perfect in combination with other plans. Lots of bars and clubs nearby, plus the Cinestar movie theater, the Rhine boardwalk, and lots of shopping.

Bringe die Minigolfschläger zum Glühen
Habt keine Angst vor Ratten beim Minigolfen
Versenke den Minigolfball im Strudel