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Winery J. Neus

The J. Neus winery was founded in 1881 by Josef Neus Senior in the then world-famous red wine town of Ingelheim and has been run by the Schmitz family of entrepreneurs from Mainz since 2012.

As wine lists and price lists from the founding period impressively prove, the Neus family was a qualitative mastermind in the region in the 19th century. For example, the Neus clone developed at that time was also planted by other top wineries due to its excellent characteristics. Today, these old vines, well-maintained wooden barrels and in-depth knowledge of the chalky sites of the district are the solid basis for living up to Christian Schmitz's self-imposed claim to continue the tradition and produce top-level Pinot Noir.

The J. Neus winery is located in the middle of Ingelheim, which rightly bears the designation "red wine town" in its name. Ever since Charlemagne had his Palatinate built here, predominantly red varieties have been cultivated. This has not changed to this day. To this day, Ingelheim red wine is synonymous with a globally appreciated Burgundy from Germany par excellence.
The red wines of the J. Neus winery are vinified in the largest vaulted cellar in Rheinhessen, which was built under the estate in the late 19th century. During the heyday of German winegrowing, Josef Neus Senior had an estate built with a unique appearance that immediately captivates every visitor. The façade and the interior have retained their original charm over the centuries. What may seem romantic today, however, is an exemplary functional building for the state of the art at the time, consisting of a wine press house and warehouse as well as representation rooms, which also include the historic tasting room. Today, the wines are traditionally vinified in barrels with a capacity of 1,000 litres. The oldest barrels, dating from 1893 and 1897, have been in continuous use since their acquisition.

On this basis, the team around operations manager Lewis Schmitt and cellar master Toni Frank find the best conditions to bring the Ingelheim Pinot Noir from J. Neus to new, old splendour.

Awards: Best of Wine Tourism 2018 of the Great Wine Capitals

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