Frankfurter Hof: exterior

Mainz am Rhein

Frankfurter Hof

Frankfurter Hof reopened in 1991 and has since become the main cultural hotspot of the city. Star performances by artists from near and far have turned the venue into a cultural centre of excellence, attracting audiences from all over Germany and abroad. The programme of Frankfurter Hof comprises an eclectic mix of genres from classical concerts to plays, exhibitions and popular culture events.



Kostümführung Nachtwächter

Experience the historic Oppenheim and do a small trip down in the underground of Oppenheim with our night guards. Each participant gets a lantern. Sturdy footwear and warm clothes are necessarily required in the cold season. duration: approximately 1,5 hours tour up to 15 persons 160,00 EUR

Das Museum Guntersblum


Museum Guntersblum

The museum Guntersblum is being voluntarily maintained from the association for the maintenance of the culture in Guntersblum and offers three to four different exhibitions a year. The topics are mainly regional historical but also other global topics are represented on a regular basis. Regional less popular artists get a forum to present their works but principally artists from all over the world are also introduced from time to time. The museum is open on sundays and public holidays from 3pm to 6pm. The entry is free and for donations you…



The museum offers insights into the life of the author who was born in Bingen in 1868. You can also see his writing desk, part of his bequest libary, examples of different book designs and editions as well as foreign language translations of George´s works and several sculptures.

Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim


The theatre Streu Licht

The theatre 'Streu Licht' is in the villagge Schornsheim and was founded by Susanne Schwarz and Geoffrrey Steinherz. The audience will experience theatre, music and literature ap close in our small theatre room, a former horse stable. What kind of seating is there depends on what is offered at the moment. between 20 and 70 spectators can find a seat here. Our background, the profession: Susanne is directing, works dramaturgically and creates the satge setting. She's a member in the association for free professional thetres in…