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Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim

The theatre 'Streu Licht' is in the villagge Schornsheim and was founded by Susanne Schwarz and Geoffrrey Steinherz. The audience will experience theatre, music and literature ap close in our small theatre room, a former horse stable. What kind of seating is there depends on what is offered at the moment. between 20 and 70 spectators can find a seat here. Our background, the profession: Susanne is directing, works dramaturgically and creates the satge setting. She's a member in the association for free professional thetres in...


Mainzer Kammerspiele at Malakoff Passage is a privately owned theatre established by freelance actors in 1986. It specialises in modern plays. Every season, there are more than 200 performances, including on average seven opening nights of own productions. At the moment, nine companies work at Mainzer Kammerspiele, performing traditional and experimental plays, contemporary ballet and topical revues as well as musicals for children. The theatre is particularly proud of its performances of works by contemporary authors, premieres and new...

Paläo Museum Nierstein Gebäude

The palaentologic museum in Nierstein shows geological findings from all over Europe. The evolution of the living world can be seen in its developent over millions of years to the modern times during a visit in the museum. The fossil collection is reallly diverse: more than 1000 exhibits from all over Europe are shown, the oldest are 500 million years old, including several new discoveries and singke findings. Kids have a table with fossil shark teeth.

theater50stühle 1

The facility emerged in 2002 because of a theatre workshop of the Carl- Zuckmayer association in Nackenheim and since 2003 in plays in an own performance venue, the winery Geschwister Schuch in Nierstein. It's a small theatre with awesome flair within rhinehessian walls. Challenging comedies for adults are played. 50 seats is a member of the federal government for german amateur theatres and of the country association for amateur theatres in Rhineland- Palatinate.

Weingewölbe vis a vis osthofen

The cross vault cellar of the Spiess winery was rebuilt into a vinotheque. Food, home owned wines as well as colourful lighting provide the right atmosphere. General information about Rheinhessen cow chapels The origin of the typical Rheinhessen vaults goes back to the early 19th century. At that time, farmers wanted to increase the yield of their cattle by keeping them in stables and use the leftovers as fertiliser for their fields. Initially, the cattle were housed on the ground floor of the half-timbered houses, above which hay and...

Skulpturen 5

The foundation is intended to preserve and cultivate the life's work of the sculptor Eberhard Linke, to make his works accessible to the public, to make them scientifically accessible and to place them in the history of art. At the same time, the Foundation promotes younger artists and offers working stays and courses in the Foundation's premises in Flonheim for the hollow construction of terracotta sculptures. The studio regularly hosts concerts, readings, film screenings and lectures.

Rheinhessisches Postmuseum © Association for Postal History in Rheinhessen e. V.

The Rheinhessen Postal Museum is a demolition of regional postal history with a focus on postal mail in rural areas. Postmarks, mailboxes and postage plates from more than 150 years are on display here. Children entertainment is also provided as they can make calls using a dial telephone. Admission for children: € 1.00; Adult admission: € 2.00 Distance to the nearest bus stop: 300 meters Distance to next train station: 7 km (Alzey)

Das Museum Guntersblum

The museum Guntersblum is being voluntarily maintained from the association for the maintenance of the culture in Guntersblum and offers three to four different exhibitions a year. The topics are mainly regional historical but also other global topics are represented on a regular basis. Regional less popular artists get a forum to present their works but principally artists from all over the world are also introduced from time to time. The museum is open on sundays and public holidays from 3pm to 6pm. The entry is free and for donations...

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