Wine biking near the Ingelheim Castle Church, © Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH© Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH
Break in the church ruin, © Uwe Feuerbach | Rheinhessen Toursitik GmbH© Uwe Feuerbach | Rheinhessen Toursitik GmbH
Wine cycling around Ingelheim, © Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH© Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH
E-bike fun in Rheinhessen, © Riese & Müller GmbH© Riese & Müller GmbH

Marked theme trails in Rheinhessen

Cycle routes Rheinhessen

Nine theme routes take you through the land of the 1000 hills and offer a varied cycling pleasure that leaves nothing to be desired. No matter if you prefer to discover Rheinhessen on a relaxed day tour or if you want to go for a longer stage. Follow the Wegelogo and the cycling fun is guaranteed.

Amiche Cycle Route

A simple but varied round-trip that follows the railway line from the Rhine to the first foothills of the Rhine Hessian hills. When the Rhine Hessian rail network opened in the 19th century, even the villages in the east of the region had their own railway lines and these were affectionately referred to as ‘Amiche’. Today, these railway lines are used as cycle tracks.

Wide views into the Appelbachtal

Appel creek bike path

The bike path accompanies "the Appel" as the water is also called, on the entire route in the ever widening valley. It runs with its exception of 5 km between Tiefenthal and Neu-Bamberg on own ways and connects the Donnersbergregion with the Nahetal.

The Kaiserbad mill in Westhofen © Marie-Theres Wölki

Mills Cycle Route

Between the Selz and the Rhine you can feel the old mills on this tour, accompanied by small streams and passes quietly romantic villages, until you reach the Rhine plain and through the area of a silted Altrheinarms arrived in Gimbsheim. An ideal combination of Selztal and Rhein Cycle Path.

Fruit route (round trip)

A condition-demanding round through orchards and vineyards and in the middle of the red wine and Kaiserpfalzstadt Ingelheim. Strong climbs on the Rhenish Hesse plateau are rewarded with great views of the hills of Rheinhessen and the Taunus. The Rhine is also one of the party and promises a few comfortable kilometers through the Rhine meadows with a view of the Rheingau. This tour is of course particularly appealing to the flowering of flowers in spring.

Cycling on the famous vineyard "Roter Hang" © Georg Knoll

Rheinterrasse Route

You can get an insight into the cozy Rhine villages wine villages along the Rheinterrassenroute, which is also the alternative to the bicycle route in times of high water.

View of the Zellertaler Memorial

Zellertal Cycle Path

The straightforward connection through a diverse valley from the Rhine to the wine and into the Donnersberg region, at the same time a link between Rheinhessen and the Palatinate. ATTENTION: Blocking of the cycle path in Wachenheim due to bridge work until probably July 2019. A detour is signposted and takes place via the local area.

Experience four bike routes in one tour

Spontaneous bike round tour

This tour leads from Mainz to the orchards of Rheinhessen and along the Rhine and through the beautiful Selz valley. What our fair-weather pleasure cyclist has discovered on the approximately 40 km, she reports herself.

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