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Amiche Cycle Route

A simple but varied round-trip that follows the railway line from the Rhine to the first foothills of the Rhine Hessian hills. When the Rhine Hessian rail network opened in the 19th century, even the villages in the east of the region had their own railway lines and these were affectionately referred to as ‘Amiche’. Today, these railway lines are used as cycle tracks.

Aussichtspunkt Brudersberg "Schönste Weinsicht"

Blick Richtung Süden, Foto: Peter Martin Gräf

In 2012, the view from the Niersteiner Brudersberg was voted "Most Beautiful Farsightedness 2012" in Rheinhessen. For the first time in 2012, the German Wine Institute (DWI)…

Carl-Zuckmayer Denkmal

carl_zuckmayer Memorial-keyvisual

  Carl Zuckmayer, born on 27.12.1896 in Nackenheim, went down in history as a playwright and poet, but also as a wine connoisseur and epicure. His breakthrough as a…

Historisches Rathaus von Bodenheim

Altes Rathaus Bodenheim

The town hall of Bodenheim dates from 1608 and is considered one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses in Rheinhessen. It is a typical example of the Franconian-Hessian…

Pfarrkirche St. Gereon

Pfarrkirche St. Gereon in Nackenheim

The parish church of St. Gereon, built in 1716, is surrounded by vineyards and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape.

Roter Hang

3475-weinprasentation-on-red-hang-ullrich-just-Rheinhessen wine-ev © Ullrich Knapp / Rheinhessen wine eV

  The red hillside is a wine growing area with special optics between Nierstein and Nacenheim. The former formation emerged over 280 million years ago because of a…

A simple round-trip on a former railway line, from the Rhine to the hills of Rhenish Hesse. In the 19th century, when railways were becoming more established, there were also tracks linking Bodenheim and Alzey, and, on a different stretch, Nierstein and Köngernheim. It wasn’t long before the locals had given the railways the nicknames ‘Amiche’ and ‘Valentinche’.These tracks have been long since demolished and a pleasant cycle route, which also goes by the nickname ‘Amiche’, runs in their place.From your starting point at the Bodenheim railway station, the route initially takes you along the Rheinstraße through the older part of town and across the old ‘Mommenheimer Weg’ path over a hill to Harxheim. From here, the first stretch of the former railway runs through flat landscape along the low-level railway embankment for a total of 6.1 km.The incline on the way to Selzen is noticeable but manageable and, as you climb, you will be rewarded with a view of the eastern edge of Mommenheim. The route continues to follow the former railway line as it proceeds through Selzen but it has to make use of the (equally comfortable) cycle paths and farm tracks from there onwards, as the railway line is no longer passable between Hahnheim, Köngernheim and Friesenheim. From Friesenheim onwards, you are back on the railway line for a second time, this time for 7.5 km. This path takes you via Dexheim to the outskirts of Nierstein. To make your way back to your starting point in Bodenheim, which is 12 km away at this point, cross through the old centre of Nierstein and, from there, take the Rhine Cycle Route and then the Rhine Terrace Route.

Degree of difficulty

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Recommended equipment

Backpacking, sunscreen and enough water.

Route guidance

The round trip with the affectionate name 'Amiche' is named after the railway, which once drove from Alzey to Bodenheim, and by the way was only one of many branch lines, which were considered with pet names. Between Undenheim and Nierstein formerly drove the 'Valentinchen'. Today, the tracks are degraded for a long time and parts of the routes to bike paths expanded. In Bodenheim it goes from the station first on the Rheinstraße in the older district and on the old 'Mommenheimer way' over a knoll to Harxheim. Here begins the first section of railway line for 6.1 km on the low embankment through the flat landscape. On the way, the eastern outskirts of Mommenheim pass by and the route climbs on Selzen too gently but tangibly. Even through Selzen follows the path of the old railway line, but then, because between Hahnheim, Köngernheim and Friesenheim the route is no longer usable, to dodge on bike and farm roads, but are just as comfortable to drive. From Friesenheim on Dexheim to the outskirts of Nierstein follows the second railway section of 7.5 km in length. Back to the starting point in Bodenheim, the Rhine Cycle Route and the Rheinterrassenroute are used for the remaining 12 km, combined with a representative crossing of the old center of Nierstein. Requirement: The 'Amiche' is suitable for all occasional cyclists, who are also used to a longer distance. The traffic-distant guidance allows a safe, enjoyable gliding past. Caution is advised at the six road crossings and especially from and to



Bodenheim station can be easily reached via the federal highway 9 (B9).
From the south: Via the A61 and / or A6 to exit 23 Ludwigshafen Nord, from there via the B9 to the destination.
From the North: Via the A3, the A67 and the A61 to the A60 (Mainzer Ring), exit 24 Mainz-Laubenheim, from there via the B9 to the destination.

Bodenheim is located on the main line Mainz - Worms, which is served by the regional train 44 in regular traffic.


Parking at the train station, Wormser Straße 8, 55294 BodenheimZuweg from the train station to the Amiche Cycle Route: From the station turn left onto Wormser Straße, then turn right into Rheinstraße and follow the road towards Gau-Bischofsheim through Pfarrstraße, Langgasse and Gaustraße until you reach the left the Leidheckenstraße can turn. From here follow the signs of the Amiche Cycle Path.

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Contact details:

Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH Kreuzhof 1 55268 Nieder-Olm Phone: (06136) 92398-0 Fax: (06136) 92398-79 E-Mail: info (at) Internet:

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