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Experience Rheinhessen and Rheingau vis à vis

Cross the Rhine Cycle Tour

Experience Rheingau and Rheinhessen vis-à-vis - this tour combines what is otherwise respectful - Rheingau and Rheinhessen, two wine regions that can not be more different. A real adventure tour for a fulfilling day trip with the right mixture of river experience, wine and Rhine panoramas and important cultural monuments. Also suitable for a sporty family trip and well connected to the train.

Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim - Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace Ingelheim c-Uwe-feuerbach_uwe4493 © Uwe Feuerbach

  What is it? Charlemagne (748 - 814) chose Ingelheim as a base for his travels through his Frankish Empire and had a representative Palatinate built - that was the…


lgs_hr_bs_146tourist-informaton-bingen_1 © Tourist Information Bingen

Mäuseturm (Mouse Tower) The Mouse Tower in Binger Loch is located on an inaccessible island and is, next to Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, the only defence tower and watch…


Niederwalddenkmal © Karl-Heinz Walter

Main character is the Germania with the imperial crown in the raised right and the imperial sword in the left hand. To the height of the Niederwaldes leads from…



      headquarters Landmark of the Rochusberg is the 1895 in neo-gothic style built Pilgrimage church St. Rochus. The first chapel was built in 1666…

The Burgkirche of Ingelheim on the Rhine, formerly St. Wigbert

Burgkirche-Ingelheim-c-Uwe-feuerbach_uwe4370 © Uwe Feuerbach

  The evangelical (protestant) Burgkirche, formerly St. Wigbert, is part of one of the best preserved defence churches in south-western Germany. It has an edification…

Degree of difficulty

2 of 5

Recommended equipment

Backpacking, sunscreen and enough water.

Route guidance

Starting in Bingen, you can already look forward to the end in the city of the Rhine romantic, where great refreshments on the banks of the Rhine and extensive lawns of the parks on the mouse tower waiting for tired Radlerbeine.

From the start at the Hindenburg facility, it's on the Rhine cycle path parallel to the Binger Kulturufer in the direction of Ingelheim. From the car ferry investors it is quiet and after the imposing remnants of the Hindenburg bridge from the 2nd World War begins the nature reserve "Fulder-Aue / Ilmen-Aue", where you cycle under high poplars directly on the banks of the Rhine and along idyllic Rhine islands on unpaved road ,

In Bingen-Gaulsheim it follows the general Radwegebeschilderung following "inland" on the first Terrassenhöhenzug the Rheinhessen hill country - the next destination is Ockenheim. From here you have a fantastic panoramic view of the vineyards of the Rheingau and the Rhine plain (attention: short, strong rise).

From the Ockenheimer hill, it then cycles relaxed downhill to Gau-Algesheim. The first 500 m in-town to the branch to the center on the busy main road 41 (recommendation for families: get off and push on the sidewalk). A detour to the historic market square and to the Ardeck Castle with the Rheinhessen Bicycle Museum is worthwhile.

From the city center you follow the fruit trail direction Ingelheim past the foothills of the Westerberg in the red wine and Kaiserpfalzstadt. To get to the medieval castle church and the former aristocratic manors in Ober-Ingelheim, the tour takes course to Nieder-Olm in a southeasterly direction and brings you over a hefty rise on the Altegasse in the historic district. From the marketplace, follow the Hiwwel route via the Burgkirchen area towards Mainz and reach the former imperial palace of Charlemagne in Nieder-Ingelheim. A historical tour and the museum give insights into the history of the imperial palace.

At the Francois-Lachenal-Platz follow the general cycle direction again via the Sebastian-Münster-Straße / Nathalie von Harder-Straße until you come to the street Vorderer Böhl, which leads out of Ingelheim through a commercial area and across the railway towards Frei-Weinheim leads. In the Rhine Valley, our route meets again on the Hiwwel Route , which leads on the dike to the Rhine ferry Frei-Weinheim - Oestrich-Winkel.

Here the tour changes to the other side of the Rhine. Already the crossing by ferry gives the view on the fascinating landscape of the Rheingau. Once in Oestrich-Winkel, follow the signs " Zubringer zum R3a ". In the middle of the Rebenmeer you will find the cycle path R3a , which you follow from here.

You cycle through the vineyards of Winkel and look along this panoramic path on the left to the Rhine plain, right up to the castles Vollrads and Johannisberg. Testimonies of popular piety with the culmination of a small chapel, with the altarpiece "Christ in the wine press" typical for winemaker regions will meet you. Once in Johannisberg, after 200 m you turn right again into the open field. A quiet atmosphere prevails here far away from the hustle and bustle of the Rhine Valley. On the outskirts of Geisenheim the path meets the wide facilities of the Weinversuchsanstalt. Soon, the foothills of Rüdesheim are reached and it goes downhill on the characterful market square of the city.

From Schmidtstraße follow the signs " Zubringer R3a ", which then leads you to the passenger ferry on the other side of the main road and the railway tracks. Finally, enjoy another ferry crossing with holiday flair.



By car to Bingen:
From Rhein-Main
A66, exit A643 towards Koblenz / Bingen / Mainz, continue on A60 towards Trier / Koblenz / Bingen, exit towards Bingen-Zentrum, keep right and continue in the direction of L419, continue on Mainzer Str./L419, continue on Espenschiedstraße, continue on Vorstadt, continue on Fruchtmarkt, turn left onto Gerbhausstraße

From Rhine-Ruhr
A61 direction Koblenz Trier, exit direction B9 / Bingen-Mitte, continue on L400, keep left, follow signs to St. Goar / Bingen, B9, turn right onto Am Rupertsberg, right again onto Bingerbrücker Str., Turn right onto Gerbhausstraße

By car to the ferry Ingelheim

A3 / A60, exit in the direction of Ingelheim-West / Gau-Algesheim / Fähre, turn left onto L420 (signs for Ingelheim / Fähre), turn left onto Rheinstraße

By public transport
Train: - Bingen station, Gau-Algesheim, Ingelheim with connections to Mainz, Koblenz and Frankfurt - Station Rüdesheim, Oestrich-Winkel with connection to Wiesbaden, Koblenz and Frankfurt

Ferries: - Bingen - Rüdesheim

www.rheinfä - Ingelheim / Frei-Weinheim - Oestrich-Winkel

Both ferries operate at half-hourly intervals


Parking in Bingen:
Parking Gerbhausstraße
Address: Gerbhausstraße, 55411 Bingen am Rhein Day ticket: 4,00 EUR

Parking at the Ingelheim ferry:
Address: Rheinstraße 255, 55218 Ingelheim am Rhein

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Contact details:

Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH
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55268 Nieder-Olm
Tel .: (06136) 92398-0
Fax: (06136) 92398-79

Suggestions, abnormalities or defects?
Contact us by mail: (responsible for infrastructure and road description)

A walk between the Rhine and the sea of flowers

The cultural shore in Bingen

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