Wine tasting with press, © Marco Urban
Wine tasting with press © Marco Urban

Current wine competitions and recommendations for the winemaker's wines

Discoveries of the trade press

At the "World of Rosé", a wine competition of the magazine "VINUM", 1st place in the category "Best of Germany" went to the 2022 Cuvée Rosé from the Lamberth Winery (Ludwigshöhe). Deutsche Bahn is on the move, and the new wine list of the on-board restaurants includes three wines from Rheinhessen: the 2022 Pinot Gris from the Winter Winery (Dittelsheim-Heßloch), the 2022 Riesling from David Spies (Dittelsheim Heßloch) - supplemented by the 2022 Organic Rosé from Sebastian Erbeldinger (Bechtheim) as a summer promotion. The only gold…