on 02.07.2023 from 12:00 to 12:00 o'clock



Binger Kulturuferfest 2019

The banks of the Rhine, with its beautiful scenery, become the stage for jugglers, acrobats and musicians. Laugh, be amazed, have fun - the Binger Kulturufer turns into a hotspot of varied entertainment on July 7 from 12 noon to 6 pm.

With Ami6 comes an interactive vintage car. A distinctive Citroen who dances, flies, seduces and moves with momentum through the streets. He is a street phenomenon with a headstrong personality and in search of new companions. The water café "Beautiful Water " is an ornate oasis, as in every oasis there is water and shady relaxation, while a butler in tuxedos, knickers and white gloves stands behind an old counter, which is playful and full of Mr. Tartuffo wants to break the rules of equilibrium, but he will need the help of the audience. "Tug of War" is a show that combines juggling, balancing, magic and comedy, Terra's Pride is a heart-warming act Two stone lovers lovingly appreciate their little baby pebbles and proudly share them with the spectators.LE BISTRO is an old, aging restaurant with its best times behind it.A bad-tempered waiter meets at closing time on an extrovert lady The bistro becomes a playground for conflicts, eccentric artistry and a good load swing Manuela Mücke and Dino Lam pa presenting a spectacular Unterhal-tung buffet with a stunning menu from balancing, dancing, acrobatics, fast-len changes and an outstanding main course of juggling and contortion, all seasoned with his particular kind of comedy and subtle irony. Natalie Reckert is a handstand artist. She balances not only herself but also weird ideas. As a super heroine she gives the audience insights into the life of an artist and the resilience of the body. This body is sometimes invincible, virtuoso and complicated. But often also fragile, transient and as if made from icing. You do not know what to expect at an Improtheater? Great, we do not either! Because every scene is created before the eyes of the audience, spontaneously and untested. Script, costume, scenery - all this does not need the improvisational theater of the Wackerschnuppen . The audience is the director here! The colorful variety of the shows and the supporting program are, of course, always free to experience on the shore.



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  • On 02.07.2023 from 12:00 to 12:00 Uhr


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