Cold-pressed grape seed oil from Rheinhessen

Grape seed oil

Our grape seed oil is a very high-quality product for gourmets and connoisseurs, which is obtained in a small Rheinhessen oil mill.

The process of cold pressing is very complicated and it already requires a considerable amount of grape seeds to win a small vial of noble green glowing oil. Grapeseed oil is very intense in color, smell and taste.

It is an aromatic, slightly spicy oil, which is suitable in the kitchen because of its high smoke point of 220 ° C, especially in the preparation of stir-fry in pan and wok. The meat stays wonderfully juicy. The native grape seed oil also delights with its pleasant aroma for serving fresh leaf and sliced lettuce such as lamb's lettuce, arugula, Lollo Rosso and for preparing dips and marinades.