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Where the hills are called "Hiwwel

Hiking at a high quality level - this is now also available in Rheinhessen. In addition to the three trails Rheinterrassenweg, Kleiner Mainzer Höhenweg and Zellertalweg, ten premium-level circular trails open up the land of 1,000 hills. Their Rhine-Hessian name was also the inspiration for the "Hiwweltouren". The circular tours, between 8 and 16 kilometers in length, lead to many discoveries in Germany's largest wine-growing region.

Who would have thought that in the middle of the Rhine-Hessian vineyard paradise there are magnificent heath landscapes? That in addition to grandiose panoramic views, rustic oak forests and sparkling lakes provide high spirits? Or that whimsical tree spirits watch over the hiking trail and you are eyed by real tigers while hiking? All this can be perfectly experienced and hiked. And, of course, this book again offers extensive additional information on how to get there, where to stop, where to stay and what to do along the way. As a treat, there are selected culinary insights into Rhine-Hessian cooking pots. For on the road, all important tour data can be downloaded to the free navigation app "traumtouren" quickly and easily via QR code.

Format: 11 x 16.4 cm

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ISBN 978-3-942779-45-6


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