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Go there and be happy

Places of Happiness in Mainz

Mainz is unique! The Rhine and the wine, singing and laughing, Det and Fritzchen, Gutenberg and the cathedral: all of this is absolutely part of Mainz - just like happiness.

Happiness can be found on every corner in the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. Stefanie Jung's blend of luck has many places in store that will surprise even true Mainz connoisseurs: From the pleasure of a glass of wine and the enjoyment of nature at the gates of the city to the rush of flowers at an exceptional florist: happiness in Mainz is colourful and varied - and guarantees truly unique experiences! A book for real lucky kids!

ISBN 978-3-7700-2076-8
Author: Stefanie Jung
168 pages, softcover with flaps
14,99 €

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