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Rheinhessen, Rheingau

The Rheingau and Rheinhessen are among the oldest German cultural landscapes. Many peoples formed the region in southwest Germany. Romanesque and Gothic architecture are at home here, but modernity has long been here as well. An armada of winegrowers also leaves its mark on the region, as Germany's best wines ripen on the slopes to the right and left of the river.

Mainz and Wiesbaden, the metropolises of the two regions, are two quite different cities. One is considered chic, the other sociable - and to a certain extent this also applies to the surrounding landscapes. Tolerance and hospitality, however, are what people everywhere like to say about the people here, qualities that short-stay travellers appreciate just as much as long-stay holidaymakers.

This comprehensive travel guide invites you to explore the region in all its facets: From Wiesbaden as the "gateway to the Rheingau" to Mainz, northern Rheinhessen with Bingen on the Rhine, the Rhine terraces, Worms and Wonnegau, to Alzey and Rheinhessen Switzerland. A separate chapter is devoted to wine, another to hiking, for the region offers many hundreds of kilometres of well-signposted hiking trails ranging from shorter distances to tours lasting a day or several days. Each chapter begins with a double-page spread introducing the contents with an overview map of the region, highlights and page references. Page number boxes colour-coordinated with the chapters facilitate orientation in the book.

Of course, the travel guide contains proven and practical tips on travel questions from A-Z. The extended preface contains overview pages with descriptions of all regions, a yearly overview of festivals and events, route suggestions and personal top tips from the author. A lot of special information, for example on how to get there and on the many activities available, are helpful planning aids. There are also detailed excursions on history, the country and its people.

ISBN: 978-3-8317-3316-3
Author: Günter Schenk
2nd, newly edited and completely updated edition 2020
396 pages
16,90 €

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