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Wine and Sektgut Am Rothes - Hothum

"Am Rothes" - that is the finest Rheinhessen dialect and means "Am Rathaus" (By the town hall). There at the town hall in Aspisheim lies the winery of the Hothum family. A family business like a picture book. Karlfried and Regina Hothum have "written" a very exciting wine history in the small wine town with its XXL panorama. More than 20 years ago, they tackled the transition to organic farming, released a lot of energy and built a veritable sparkling wine factory. Now the children Andreas, Christoph and Benjamin - all oenologists and agri-biologist Kathi bring in their strength and their ideas and start to design the winery. The vineyards are idyllic - a feast for the eyes and at the same time habitat for plants and animals. Here you will find joy and vitality that flow into the wines.

Hothum_Portraet, © Hothum
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About us

  • sparkling wine
  • Maxim origin Rheinhessen

Contact details:

Wein- und Sektgut Am Rothes - Hothum
Familie Hothum
Dörrgasse 1 55459 Aspisheim

Processed vineyards

Alternativbild für Binger Schloßberg-Schwätzerchen

Binger Schloßberg-Schwätzerchen

The name of the location derives from the Klopp Castle, 1781 "im Schlossberg" to the other by a traditional figure of the Binger Winzerfest, the Princess Schwätzerchen. Her name may refer back to an old vineyard designation, 1471 "schwetzgin", behind which name probably hides that of the former owner (babbler).
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