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Winery Dr. med. Dahlem

Oenological competence has found a home here, in the heart of the old town, since 1702. Experience leads to action. Dahlem wines always convince as reliable ambassadors of Rheinhessen.
Over 300 years of winegrowing in the family is not a privilege, but a challenge. Axel and Frank Dahlem, both graduate engineers, today run the renowned family business. Tradition also means being open to the new. Innovative cellar technology works well with classic grape varieties. Continuing education does not mean forgetting the tried and tested.
In the winery Dr. med. Dahlem will experience viticulture. In the own bouquet economy, in the large hall for weddings and other celebrations, in the cultural cellar with music and cabaret events or when relaxing in the Winzerhof and subsequent slumber in the apartment.

On the estate English and German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Frank Dahlem
  • Vineyard-area 20 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export

Contact details:

Weingut Dr. Dahlem
Axel Dahlem
Rathofstraße 21-25 55276 Oppenheim

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Straußwirtschaft Rathofkapelle



Operating mode: ostrich management
Cuisine: seasonal, regional

The wine-restaurant Rathofkapelle is located in the former chapel of Kloster Eberbach, a baroque chapel from the 13th century, which also served as a synagogue throughout its history. In addition to our own wines and cults of the winery Dr. med. Dahlem serves regional specialties such as the cheese board served on a barrel board or the smoked trout. Enjoy the sun terrace in Winzerhof in fine weather.All wines are also available to take away. Apartments are available.

Hot food: see opening times
Main courses: 3,50 - 12,00 Euro
Open Rheinhessen wines: 15
Seats: inside 50 | outside 50 | closed society possible | separate room 130

Dates: St. Patrick's Day with Irish live music March 17, Attila Vural - live music May 4, Frank Fischer's cabaret June 15 See more website


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Weingut Dr. Dahlem

Weingut Dr. Dahlem

Old representative building from 1880, totally renewed. Located at the Dr. Dahlem wine estate in central Oppenheim.

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Processed vineyards

Alternativbild für Dienheimer Schloß

Dienheimer Schloß

The location name is based on the castle near Dexheim, of which only part of the tower is left after a fire in 1683.

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Dienheimer Falkenberg

Dienheimer Falkenberg (Falcon’s hill of Dienheim)

Once owned by the counts: limestone-rich vineyards for elegant wines

Birds of prey certainly fly their courses here, but they are not the origin of the name. Above Dienheim lies the "Falkenberg" vineyard. The name probably goes back to the "Counts of Falkenstein". In 1423, the mayor and council of the town of Oppenheim had jurisdiction over the Dienheim field parcel. From 1429 to 1497, Oppenheim belonged to the Counts of Falkenstein. So the people of Dienheim were also subjects of the counts. The Falkenberg stands for fine-fruited, elegant wines from various grape varieties. The subsoil of the loess beds contains loam and lime. The best way for hikers to discover the vineyard is by hiking the RheinTerrassenWeg and resting at the Falkenberghütte.

  • To the further single location of Dienheim: Tafelstein
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Dienheimer Tafelstein

Dienheimer Tafelstein

Military horsemen, noble tables and fertile soils

In the Middle Ages, noble families received tributes from their people: pigs, cheese or wine. The so-called "Tafelgüter". It is assumed that the camp name "Tafelstein" refers to this. The vines between Dienheim and Ludwigshöhe grow on deep loess, loam and lime marl. Ideal for Riesling, Pinot Noir and other varieties. The soils are fertile with good water storage capacity. The "Siliusbrunnen" (Silius Well) located there refers to the horseman Silius, who served in a Roman cavalry regiment and was buried in the Rhine terraces.

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Oppenheimer Sackträger

Oppenheimer Sackträger (Bag Carrier of Oppenheim)

Carrying goods from the river to the town

Guilds and associations of craftsmen or merchants were very important in the Middle Ages. In Oppenheim there was a guild of sack bearers. Today they would be called transporters or logisticians. They once carried the ship's goods from the river Rhein to Oppenheim, as the town is located on an elevated site. Certainly a lot of goods were stored in the cellar labyrinths afterwards. These can still be visited today. The single vineyard was mentioned in 1475 as "hinder dem sacktreger thorne". Heavily weathered limestone lies in the subsoil. Vines such as Riesling, Silvaner or Gewürztraminer, but also Pinot Noir feel at home in the warm, wind-protected location.

> Discover the underground city of Oppenheim: https://www.rheinhessen.de/a-oppenheimer-kellerlabyrinth 
> Regional history of the town of Oppenheim: https://www.regionalgeschichte.net/rheinhessen/oppenheim.html 
> On the development of field names: https://www.regionalgeschichte.net/rheinhessen/oppenheim/einzelaspekte/flurnamen.html 
> The next generation of winegrowers is trained directly at the site: Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum. 

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Oppenheimer Kreuz

Oppenheimer Kreuz

Presented to the Pope

A red sandstone cross, a votive cross, stands at the foot of a vineyard in this single vineyard. This is probably where the name comes from. A votive cross means a special kind of cross: The cross was erected out of gratitude. As a rescue from an emergency. Riesling and also increasingly Pinot Noir vines grow here, which have freshness and finesse. A nice anecdote: Pope Benedict was served a 1999 Pinot Noir from this vineyard by the Kühling-Gillot winery as a mass wine - how fitting. The winemakers therefore call the site "Papstlage" (engl. Pope’s vineyard).

> Overview of sights in and around Oppenheim: https://www.stadt-oppenheim.de/sehen/
> Link to the German Viticulture Museum: https://www.dwm-content.de/
> Other single vineyard sites with the name Kreuz: Ingelheimer Rotes Kreuz, Ockenheimer Kreuz

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