Petershof Family Huff (42), © Weingut Petershof Huff© Weingut Petershof Huff

Winery Petershof Huff GbR

Petershof in Schwabsburg / Nierstein am Rhein has been run as a family business for many generations and is currently managed by two master craftsmen: winemaker Karl-Peter and son Peter Huff.

Twelve different grape varieties mature in the eight hectares of vineyards, which range from dry white wines through dense red wines to noble sweet wines. The hallmark are pure and fresh wines with a natural residual sweetness.

"We are pleased that we have the opportunity to do all the work in the vineyard ourselves.In our cozy courtyard, our customers can enjoy our wines in small or large rounds and make their own opinion on the development and quality itself", the Huff family says.

On the estate only German is spoken. 

Petershof Family Huff (42), © Weingut Petershof Huff
Petershof Family Huff (42)

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Weingut Petershof Huff GbR
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