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Winery Wolfgang & René Peth GbR

The Peth winery, which is run by Wolfgang and son René, lies in Flörsheim-Dalsheim, in the southern part of Rheinhessen. On the predominantly loess and limestone embossed soils of this region, which is called Wonnegau, wines full of character are produced. Manual yield reduction in the vineyard, a long time on the yeast in the cellar and the parcel-wise vinification of individual vineyards, both in stainless steel tank and in barrique barrel, distinguish this winery.

Opening hours of the wine shop "VinoPeth": Monday to Thursday: 16.00 - 18.00
Friday and Saturday: 10.00 - 18.00 o' clock

Guesthouse 3 star superior to DEHOGA in the winery with 11 rooms / apartments

English and French speaking visitors are welcome. 

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sky bedded room photo
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About us

  • Winemaker Wolfgang & René Peth
  • Delicatessen ideas made from wine

Contact details:

Wolfgang & René Peth
Wolfgang Peth
Alzeyer Straße 28 67592 Flörsheim-Dalsheim

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VinoPeth - Weingut Peth

VinoPeth 1

Hospitality and lifestyle are the first impressions in the winery Peth. You come here to relax. Wolfgang and René Peth are winemakers by passion and enthusiastic, also when it's about new things. They dare to approach younger breeds as succesful as the classic ones- good taste just has many faces, also with wine. Sweet and juicy Riesling and spicy burgundy wines, mild, fruity white wines and strong reds take the evidence. Jutta Peth cares for a feel-good atmosphere in the guest house. A charming hug from tradition and modernity: attractive architecture meets winemaker company.

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Gästehaus und Weingut Peth

Gästehaus Peth

A holiday on a Rheinhessen wine estate. No-smoking establishment. The exclusive Jutta Peth guesthouse is in a quiet location on a wine estate in the heart of the historical centre of Flörsheim. Superb double rooms, e.g. with four-poster bed, generous 1-room apartment and child-friendly holiday apartment in a classy ambience.

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Processed vineyards

Monsheimer Rosengarten

Monsheimer Rosengarten

Devotional, romantic or humorous? 

The location was mentioned in a document in 1750 with the name "in the rose garden". The planting of the noble flower, the rose, may have led to its name. Often, however, these vineyard anmen point to early medieval burial sites. Which of these is true, we do not know today. But the single vineyard is quite romantic today in spring - with pink blossoming almond trees. And is adorned by two trulli, small white round houses. The radio tower trullo looks particularly funny. A funny architectural ensemble of brick on the one hand and a steel construction on the other. A bench and a round table invite you to rest under the trees. The "Pfrimm", a small river (the locals say "the Bach") flows by not far away. Monsheim and Kriegsheim (a district of Monsheim) have over 20 bridges. A wide variety of grape varieties grow on loess soil with sand, gravel and clay portions. The vineyard can be found under the name "Monsheimer Rosengarten" as well as "Kriegsheimer Rosengarten". 

> Discover Monsheim via hiking trail "Zellertalweg", circular trail Monsheim - Mölsheim - Wachenheim. https://www.rheinhessen.de/zellertalweg-rundweg-monsheim#dmdtab=oax-tab1 
> More impressions in the blog post: https://blog.rheinhessen.de/der-zellertalweg-rundweg-monsheim-moelsheim-wachenheim/ 
> Other single vineyards in Rheinhessen with the same name: Gabsheimer Rosengarten or Bechtheimer Rosengarten.

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Nieder-Flörsheimer Frauenberg

Nieder-Flörsheimer Frauenberg (Women’s mountain of Nieder-Flörsheim)

Of nuns and damsels

Women were once in charge here: the site was first mentioned in a document in 1290 with the name "an frauwenhalten". Originally, the hill was owned by a nunnery. Riesling and Pinot Noir vines grow on loess and limestone. Benches and a table at the "Fräulein von Flersheim" trullo can be used for a rest. In summer, roses bloom lushly there. The red vineyard hut at the Goldbergbrunnen is partly catered for.

> Info about the trullo "Fräulein von Flersheim", owned by Weingut Beyer-Bähr: https://www.tourenplaner-rheinland-pfalz.de/de/punkt/veranstaltungsort/weinbergshaeuschen-trullo-frl.-v.-flersheim/54980916/
> Info about the Wingertheisje at the Goldbergbrunnen: https://tacheles-landrestaurant.de/wingertsheisje/ 
> To all hiking and biking tours of Flösrheim-Dalsheim: https://www.floersheimdalsheim.de/og/freizeit-tourismus/rad-wandern-gps-touren/ 

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