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Winery Wartsteigerhof

We are a family business in Bechtheim, located in southern Rheinhessen, near Worms.

We cultivate all our vineyards ourselves, because the quality of the wine begins in the vineyard. We vinify it ourselves in our cellar and bottle it ourselves. The name of the Friederich family's wine estate, Wartsteigerhof, is due to the historic past of this road, this sunken road was already known as Roman army road to Mainz. For centuries, the "Wartturm" at the height of the ravine was the landmark of Bechtheim. It was always occupied by a guard. With the name of the winery, Wartsteigerhof, old memories are to be kept awake.

For our wines, we focus on preserving the flavours that the grape brings in its natural form and preserving it right down to the bottle. The gentle treatment is in the foreground.
We use the natural slope of our hillside to transport the grapes to the wine press without pumps. In this pneumatic press, the grapes are pressed with little pressure, so that the strong tannin-containing cores remain intact.
Our white wines are tempered by cooling and fermented controlled. We use only the best natural yeasts. We renounce so-called "aroma yeasts" and put the fruit of the vine and the terroir of our wines in the foreground.

Our red wines are all traditionally fermented on their mash. This way, we achieve an intense taste and a beautiful color.

We give our wines the time they need to mature. We will fill the new vintage from March at the earliest, if the wine requires it later.

The flavours are different, making our wine selection typical for Rheinhessen. We offer strong red wines, as well as light food companions. Even for the cozy evening, we have just the thing for you. Our noble sweet specialties are also worth a taste. Our wines are very harmonious, complex and exciting.

Convince yourself of our quality. Visit us for your own personal wine tasting.

English and French speaking visitors are welcome. 

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Butler Daniel Friederich
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About us

  • Winemaker Daniel Friederich

Contact details:

Weingut Wartsteigerhof
Dieter Friederich
Steig bei der Warte 17 67595 Bechtheim

Processed vineyards

Bechtheimer Hasensprung

Bechtheimer Hasensprung (Hare jump of Bechtheim)

Long ear, deep well? Definitely a large diversity of varieties

Another very popular vineyard name in the German wine countries: “Hasensprung” (Engl: hare jump). There are various interpretations: Either the name comes from the Middle High German word "spring/sprung" and means spring or well. Or the location refers to the animal hare, which was or is abundant there and stands for fertility. Various grape varieties grow on the very fertile loess soil: great Riesling, fantastic Pinots, just as well as new grape varieties.

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Bechtheimer Rosengarten

Bechtheimer Rosengarten (Rose Garden of Bechtheim)

Whether wild rose or rose garden – today it is a vineyard

Such a simple term, yet so many possible interpretations! It could refer to natural growth of wild roses. Those often grow in Rheinhessen and their rose hips shine in autumn. It could also have been early medieval burial grounds, a very vague interpretation. In Bechtheim, people say that the then sovereign and local lord, the Count of Leiningen, maintained a "Roßgarten” (Engl.: horse garden") there. It belonged to the farmstead in the centre of the village. The vineyard was first mentioned in documents around 1500 with the name "ym roß garten". The predominant soil types here are loess loam and limestone. The wines are rich in fruit aromas, concentrated and long-lasting on the palate.

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> Various hiking trails run through Bechtheim and its vineyards: Rheinterrassenweg, Lutherweg, Pilgerweg Ortsschleife Bechtheim and the village's own wine trail with old agricultural equipment. 

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