Since April 2005, the Museum for Puppet Theatre, or PuK for short, has been a magnet for visitors in the cultural district of Bad Kreuznach. The art of puppet theatre has always offered both young and old visitors a very special kind of experience: meet theatre figures in many different guises, celebrities from different generations: Puppet stars from film and television, solidly carved wooden heads, filigree shadow figures or even infernal furies, who will carry you off into their fascinating world on over 900 m² of exhibition space. Puppet theatre culture from all over the world and the range of puppet art of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries in Germany are presented in the elaborately designed permanent exhibition, which illustrates the development of puppet theatre from popular entertainment to an independent theatre genre. A living museum awaits children and adults alike: immerse yourself in a century of puppeteer's everyday life and learn about the craft of puppet-making. What does it look like behind the scenes of a puppet stage, how are theatre sounds created? Illuminate your own creative abilities or simply revel in cherished memories.