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Fresh beer from Mainz-Ebersheim

The name Karl stands for tradition and progress to the same extent - what arose around 1820 as a pure agricultural enterprise, is today a Rhine-Hessian mixed enterprise, in which 2007 the Rheinhessen-Bräu brewery added as another foothold and continued to operate viticulture and agriculture become. The specially grown summer barley is processed here to beer - so to speak, from stalk to glass.

The brewing results are unfiltered, naturally cloudy beers that contain no preservatives and are not heat treated. Valuable flavors such as yeasts, proteins, minerals and vitamins are retained and give our beer its extraordinary taste. And of course all Rheinhessen-Bräu beers are brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

The stem range includes the golden-blonde Rheinhessen-Bräu Hell, the full-bodied Rheinhessen-Bräu Dunkel and the golden orange Rheinhessen-Bräu yeast wheat. Seasonally, special beer is brewed, which is constantly being reinvented from maibock and hard beer to winter goat.

For the quality of the beers, multiple awards are given at the tasting competitions of the specialist magazine Selection, at the BestBrewChallenge and at the Meininger International Craft Beer Award. The wheat beer was z. B. 2016
awarded with 4 stars and a gold medal by the indulgence magazine selection. Both the Helle, Maibock and Festbier received a gold medal in 2014 with 4 stars. The dark lager beer was awarded a gold medal at the Meininger International Craft Beer Award 2017.

Customers can look forward to the consistently high quality of the beers
Convince farm sale directly in the brewhouse. Rheinhessen-Bräu is also available in various food markets, at beverage retailers, in restaurants and at various festivals.


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