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1816 or the long, short history of Rheinhessen

A 200-year-old "young" wine region with more than 2000 years of old viticulture culture? Welcome to Rheinhessen!

Just over two millennia ago, when the Romans settled on the Rhine, they cultivated the first vines and set the starting point for an incomparable winemaking history. In the course of time, the unique area repeatedly aroused political-territorial desires, and viticulture remained a culture of excellence, and drove more and more magnificent flowers. In the year 1816 finally the wine country on the Rhine was summarized by name to the "province Rheinhessen". In 1945, the left bank of the Rhine was separated from Hesse and became one of five administrative districts
of the new federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The one-time wine culture did not detract from all this. On the contrary: name and region »Rheinhessen«
have always stood for special pleasure experiences!