Experience a palace complex from the middle ages

The imperial palace in Ingelheim

The Kaiserpfalz in Ingelheim combines past and present! In the middle of a lively residential area, you will walk in the footsteps of medieval rulers, especially those of Charlemagne. The excavations of his magnificent palace complex are important memorial areas and bear witness to the changeful history of this place.

Karl the Great let the imperial palace in Ingelheim built in the late eighth century. It was used (by him and the following rulers of the middlle ages) as a base, accommodation and seat of government while traveling and is, besides the palaces in Aachen and Nimwegen, one of the most splendid of the franconian empire.

Eleborated restored remains prove the former glory of the palace complex in which every ruling dynasty left his own handwriting. The Carolingian were inspired by the antique palaces of the roman emperors and set up an imposant throne room Aula Regia. The Ottonians added the important hall church and the Staufers turned it into a castle-like fastened system- especially clearly visible at the gate of Heidesheim. Discover the imperial palace either on your own along the historical round way or in the frame of a guided tour!

Furthermore the visitor centreand museum at the imperial palace welcomes you with extensive information and exciting exponats. It hosts the worldwide only gold coin with the picture of the emperor Karl the Great, which was found during excavations in Ingelheim.


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On the traces of the middle ages

With the art historian through the imperial palace in Ingelheim. Today, in the middle of a residential area of the "red wine town", you can admire its lavishly restored monument areas and exciting finds.

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