Kulturweg Petersberg, © Dr. Helge Weichmann; IG Petersberg© Dr. Helge Weichmann; IG Petersberg

With the LEADER project "Kulturweg Petersberg", the attractiveness of the region around the Petersberg is to be increased. The importance of Petersberg with its archaeological monument Mons Beati Petri (St. Peter's Church) should be better experienced and knowledge about the culture, history and landscape to be vividly conveyed.

For this purpose, the archaeological monument is professionally valued: On the one hand, it is the goal to reconstruct the masonry in such a way that the layman understands both the size and the construction, and thus the meaning, and how it is illustrated. On the other hand, it is intended to keep the accessible ground monument open and accessible to all age groups as an experience space.

At the same time, it enhances its attractiveness as a recreational area as well as a tourist attraction and creates incentives for new investments in the area of gastronomy and accommodation.

Contents and goals:

  • Archaeological reconstruction and permanent accessibility and better experience of the crypt
  • Information about the history, culture and nature at prominent places of the culture way
  • Development of a market potential analysis with marketing and communication concept
  • Natural enhancement of the landscape through the accompanying green of the hiking trails and farm paths on the basis of a qualified plant plan coordinated with the Lower Nature Protection Authority
  • Recognition as Rheinhessen Thematic Trail

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Facts at a glance
Carrier: Association Alzey-Land
Contact Person: Beate Dangmann
LAG decision of: 02/16/2017
Air flow: € 74,350 EAFRD funds
Implementation period: 2017-2019

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