Basic wine Riesling

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The Riesling is a phenomenon: the wines range from contagious cheerfulness to intellectual challenge. In Rheinhessen, Riesling is the most important grape variety - and the Riesling prospect for Rheinhessen is quickly formulated: things continue to move forward.

Riesling. A promise for best white wines. Here every winemaker can show what he has on it. In Rheinhessen the Riesling makes 16% of the vineyard. With 4,360 hectares, Riesling is the most important grape variety in Rheinhessen. Ascending trend.
The Riesling matures slowly. To form the typical aromas, the grapes must remain on the stick for a long time. Under the relatively cool climatic conditions at the 50th parallel, the Riesling can develop its fine fruit flavors, complete its maturity in the late autumn sun and express its fresh acidity. Riesling can perfectly interpret the characteristics of the soil on which it grows.
First indications of the Riesling in Rheinhessen are more than 500 years old. On November 11, 1511, the mention of Riesling in Worms district Pfeddersheim is dated and describes a vineyard in Pfeddersheimer St. Georgenberg (old name "Fohndel") - this is the oldest documented in Germany reference to a vineyard Riesling.