Stilisierte Karte von Rheinhessen

Binger Schelmenstück

The name comes from the Middle High German word "rogues" and means carcasses. The term is thus based on an old Schinderacker.

facts and figures

Vineyard: 20 hectare Community: Sea level: 90-95 m Exposure: Southwest

soil types

Gravel, sand, clay / Rigosol

River deposits from the ice ages

Medium-sized, stony, sandy loam soil, lower storage capacity for soil water available to plants, drought stress in dry years, good permeability and aeration, poor in nutrients, neutral to acidic soil reaction, good heatability, moderately to well rootable

Pinot affinity, majority red wine, herbal-spicy smell, firm, good balance between freshness and creaminess, juicy in the mouth, dense, good pressure, exciting length, good aging potential

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