Stilisierte Karte von Rheinhessen

Bodenheimer Heitersbrünnchen

In this situation springs a small spring. The determinative word in the layer name is based on a personal name.

facts and figures

Vineyard: 51 hectare Community: Sea level: 130-180 m Exposure: East

soil types

Loess / Pararendzina

Loess Pararedzina

Wind deposition of calcareous dust in the ice ages

fertile, deep, light loam soil, clayey silt, very good storage capacity for plant-available soil water, adequate aeration, nutrient-rich, calcareous, moderate warmability, good rootability, high growth potential

Yellow-fruity aromas, apple, peach, pear, citrus, delicately fruity, slim, refreshing, gentle acidity, medium-strong structure, juicy elegant, drinkable early, tasty charm, uncomplicated complexity, fruity, cheerful expression

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Limestone / Rendzina

limestone rendzina

Teritarian marine deposits from a calcareous algae reef

Shallow to medium-sized, very lime-rich, very stony, sandy loam soil, low storage capacity for soil water available to plants, rich in nutrients, rich in lime, good aeration, good heatability, limited rootability

Expressive, lively, aromatic, initially citrus, apple and gooseberry notes, with increasing ripe mango and passion fruit. Balanced acidity, mineral, chalky, elegant, multi-faceted, profound, closed in the youth, great development potential

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Hiking tours
Hiking on the "Red Hang" in Nierstein, © Michael Zellmer

RheinTerrassenWeg-stage Oppenheim - Nierstein - Nackenheim - Bodenheim

In Oppenheim, Katharinenkirche, Kellerlabyrinth and the ruin Landskrone provide a great start, before extended vineyards offer wonderful views. The Niersteiner marketplace is one of the most beautiful places in Rheinhessen with its ambience and is ideal for a break, before the climb to the Red Hang demands a bit of fitness. Rheinhessen's "most beautiful wine view on the Brudersberg" is worth the effort. Great views accompany the hiker to Nackenheim, with a beautiful view of the church of St. Gereon. The last part to Bodenheim is quickly mastered. The wine village is the Mecca for Strausswirtschaften and Gutsschänken in Rheinhessen.

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Hiker at the old town hall of Bodenheim, © Michael Zellmer

RheinTerrassenWeg-Stage Bodenheim - Mainz

Between Bodenheim and Mainz, the RheinTerrassenWeg offers magnificent views over the Rhine, the Taunus and the banking metropolis Frankfurt. Particularly impressive is the view on the Laubenheimer Höhe. Later, the surrounding area changes, because the path surrounds the former limestone quarry of Weisenau with insights into the history of the earth. At the end of the Rhine follows to the state capital Mainz, where, in addition to the interesting old town with the cathedral, the Gutenberg Museum and the numerous wine bars will definitely be explored.

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