Stilisierte Karte von Rheinhessen

Bodenheimer Reichsritterstift

The layer name is based on the conversion of St. Albanskloster into an imperial knight's pen in 1490.

facts and figures

Vineyard: 2 hectare Community: Sea level: 110 m Exposure: South

soil types

Marl / pararendzina

Lime-rich loams and sands; Tertiary sea deposits

Deep, calcareous clay soil with a high proportion of swellable clay, lower storage capacity for soil water available to plants, limited water permeability and ventilation, nutrient-rich, very calcareous, moderate warmability, difficult to root through

Dense, powerful, full-bodied, expressive, balanced acidity, sustainability and intensity through fruit, melting and opulence. Juicy, exotic aromas in white wines, mango, honeydew melon, apricot. Dark fruit aromas, smoky spiciness in red wines

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Hiking tours
Hiking on the "Red Hang" in Nierstein, © Michael Zellmer

RheinTerrassenWeg-stage Oppenheim - Nierstein - Nackenheim - Bodenheim

In Oppenheim, Katharinenkirche, Kellerlabyrinth and the ruin Landskrone provide a great start, before extended vineyards offer wonderful views. The Niersteiner marketplace is one of the most beautiful places in Rheinhessen with its ambience and is ideal for a break, before the climb to the Red Hang demands a bit of fitness. Rheinhessen's "most beautiful wine view on the Brudersberg" is worth the effort. Great views accompany the hiker to Nackenheim, with a beautiful view of the church of St. Gereon. The last part to Bodenheim is quickly mastered. The wine village is the Mecca for Strausswirtschaften and Gutsschänken in Rheinhessen.

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