Stilisierte Karte von Rheinhessen

Gimbsheimer Liebfrauenthal

Of birds of prey and leaning towers 

Vultures are very large, not too pretty looking scavengers. What does Gau-Weinheim have to do with you? Nothing at all. Because the word "Geyer" stood in the Middle Ages for birds of prey in general. That is, for the hawk or buzzard that lives here. The naming of the location is due to the appearance of these birds. They like to sit attentively on the vineyard stakes - called "stiggel" in Rheinhessen - and lie in wait for prey. Certainly, they also fly around the municipal tower, which is a protected monument. At 5.38 degrees, it is more crooked than the Tower of Pisa! Gau-Weinheim is located in the Rhine-Hessian hill country in a hollow, at the southeastern foothills of the 271m high Wißberg. The Geyersberg site runs east along the village and is protected from cold north winds. On dark loess and heavy clay soils grow the classic grape varieties Riesling, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau and fruity wines of the varieties Scheurebe and Bacchus as well as red wines. 

> Historical and informative facts about the leaning tower on the village homepage: 
> Other sites in Rheinhessen with the name Geyersberg: Bechtheimer Geyersberg
> Also Geiersberg with "i" in communities: Armsheim and Dittelsheim-Hessloch
> Other sites with animal name: Wöllsteiner Äffchen, Dorn-Dürkheimer Hasensprung or Zornheimer Vogelsang

facts and figures

Vineyard: 69 hectare Community: Gimbsheim Sea level: 85-90 m Exposure:
simple vineyard side:

soil types

Sand / rigosol

Loess sand rigosol

Wind deposits of calcareous dust-sand mixture during the ice ages (majority dust)

Fertile, deep, silty sandy soil, nutrient-rich, calcareous, good storage capacity for plant-available soil water, good ventilation, good rooting, moderate to good heatability, high growth pontencial.

Strong, lush, buffered acidity, fruity aromas, uncomplicated complexity, medium-bodied structure, charming finish. Yellow fruit flavours in white wines. Refreshing red fruit notes, strawberry ad raspberry in red wines.

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