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Sights on the RhineTerrassenWeg

The Kaiserdome in Worms and Mainz, the Katharinenkirche in Oppenheim or the Rote Hang in Nierstein are known far beyond Rheinhessen and are an absolute highlight of every hike. But the RheinTerrassenWeg lives especially from the gems and moments in the wine villages. People like to talk about their regional attractions. Let yourself drift and enjoy the culture and the stories on the RheinTerrassenWeg.

Ehemalige Synagoge

  In 1855, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of the synagogue, which the local community acquired in 1900 for use as a kindergarten. Only until 1874 did the synagogue serve as a church. Thereafter, the building became the property of the Protestant parish, which originally wanted to demolish it to build a parish hall here. However, due to the objection of the state preservation of monuments, it did not happen. Even today, the synagogue is used as a Protestant parish hall.  


To the north and south of the basilica, with connection to the underground pilgrimage of the Stollenkrypta, are the Lambertusbrunnen and the Aegidiusbrunnen (Gedd'schesbach). The construction time of these historic and water-rich wash wells is unknown. In the morning book the "Göttgensbach" was already mentioned in 1688. The source of the Lambertus well could already have been a sanctuary of the Romans.

Romanische Basilika Bechtheim

The 11th-century Basilica dedicated to St. Lambert of Liège (635-700) was formerly owned by the Augustinian canons on Aegidienberg in Liège. Special features of the three-aisled basilica are choral stage and stollen crypt (barrel vaults) and murals from the 14th century. In the Middle Ages it was a pilgrimage church. From 1684 - 1910 the basilica was used as a simultaneous church. It is one of the most important Romanesque village churches in Rheinhessen.

Ev. Kirche

  Visible from afar is the 38 m high church tower of the Protestant church, which was inaugurated in 1910 after 17 months of construction. The organ, the ceiling painting and the colorful windows radiate a special beauty. The interior of the church is designed according to the so-called "Wiesbadener program". The church was built in 1741. It is in the church to a hall building with mansard roof and a multi-level roof ridge. The organ dates from 1753 and was built by Johann Christian Köhler.  

Historisches Rathaus  und Kirche

The historic town hall and the protestant church of Mettenheim are two particularly beautiful buildings in Rheinhessen. The town hall in the centre of Mettenheim dates from the 2nd half of the 16th century and has survived all the destruction of the 30 Years War. The parish church was built between 1748-1756 by master bricklayer Blattner from Osthofen and consecrated in 1756. Under the church is the Wartenberg family crypt.

Evangelische Kirche St. Bonifatius

  The Lutheran Church of St. Boniface is located on the outskirts of Alsheim, surrounded by an atmospheric cemetery park. It is the smallest of the four churches and can hardly be seen from the street. Surrounded by old trees and lovingly planted flowerbeds, it is only visible to those who dare to walk through the wrought-iron gate. The "Heidenturm" itself has recently been renovated and is open to the public all around. For a visit to the church itself, a key can be obtained from the rectory. The Alsheimer Heidenturmkirche is...

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